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Heidi Nicholas (BulbAssured)

Hey, I'm Heidi! I've just finished studying a Masters in English Literature, but I've been obsessed with gaming since long before then. I began on the PS2 with Spyro, before graduating to the Xbox 360 and disappearing into Skyrim. I'm now a loyal RPG fan, but I still like to explore other genres — when I'm not playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, or being lured back into Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Witcher 3!
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Here's what we think would make the perfect Harry Potter RPG

All the rumours swirling around have once again brought up that tantalising idea of a Harry Potter RPG releasing for current and next-gen consoles. Here's everything we've heard about it, and everything we'd want to see.

Posted 3 months ago

Five Xbox One games for when you're short on time

It's a stressful time for everyone. If you're finding yourself with less time to play, we've put a list of some great games to help take your mind off things, even if you can only pick them up for a few minutes at a time.

Posted 5 months ago

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