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Bio:36-year old married gamer, father to a fierce Boston Terrier but no humanoid children. I've been gaming practically my whole life, starting around when I was 5 or 6 years old with an Atari 2600 and progressing through nearly every console ever released apart from the Wii U.

I'm a completionist by nature, but am trying to move away from chasing every-higher gamerscore and just focusing on enjoying the great games that are all around me. We'll see how successful I am.

I've been on TA since 2009 but have become much more active on the site in the past couple of years, and look forward to seeing it grow now that the XB1 app is getting it some much-deserved exposure!
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More Details And Trailer For Mirror's Edge Catalyst

A few weeks ago, we got a nice look at some of the polish being put on Mirror's Edge Catalyst's movement and combat, showcasing some of the new moves and gear available to Faith that weren't in the original. Continuing to keep fans engaged, Dice has released an enemy breakdown with screenshots, det

Posted 6 years ago

Launch Trailer For Slain Appears

The last time we heared about Slain was during our ID@Xbox GDC coverage last year. This latest side-scrolling slaughterfest, with clear Castlevania influences, showcases lots of demon-slaying fun in this newly-released launch trailer. You'll also see some of the many bloody deaths you'll suffer.

Posted 6 years ago

Homefront: The Revolution Details and Trailer

When it comes to swag, Homefront: The Revolution's recent announcement of the Goliath Edition probably excited those that like remote-controlled vehicles and games, and want both in the same place. Today, we have more details and another trailer for the upcoming shooter by Dambuster Studios.

Posted 6 years ago

Black and White Bushido Trailer

Black & White Bushido has gone into stealth mode since the announcement last year, but now the developers behind this latest brawler have snuck a new video out to showcase some of the slicing and dicing players can expect come release. You'll notice that when a black ninja is on a black b

Posted 6 years ago

Little Acre Q&A Panel

Nearly nine months have passed since we last talked about Pewter Games' upcoming point and click adventure, The Little Acre, when we shared a video showcasing the game's visuals. Recently, the devs held a Q&A panel at PAX South, talking with streamer Ezekiel_III (the voice behind the main character

Posted 6 years ago

Thimbleweed Park Details, Trailer

The last time we heard about Thimbleweed Park, it was a brief announcement as part of our ID@Xbox Gamescom Coverage. All has been radio silence since then, until now. Developers Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have released a few minor details and a trailer for the upcoming point-and-click adventure.

Posted 6 years ago

10 Second Ninja X Announced

Four Circle Interact released a little game for PC back in 2014 known by the apt moniker 10 Second Ninja, which eschewed many of the trappings of modern puzzle-platformer games. In it, players tackled levels a mere 10 seconds long, but the precise timing and execution needed for success meant that a

Posted 6 years ago

New Dinos and Highlights for Ark: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is always, well, evolving. Although still in game preview mode, the jurassic-themed MMO surival game has seen multiple revisions, with new species of dinos, new equipment, and n

Posted 6 years ago

Gunscape Gets A Release Date

After getting delayed to this year, the wait is almost over for the latest couch-coop FPS. For those looking to scratch their co-op and creative itches with FPS level-building and couch play, Sydney-

Posted 6 years ago

Conan Exiles Revealed

Welcome to the wasteland. Before you freak out on me, this isn’t about another Fallout game. The wasteland I’m referring to is the grounds for the latest entry into the open-world survival genre, Con

Posted 6 years ago

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Blood Bowl 2 Review

Blood Bowl 2, developed by Cyanide and published by Focus Home Interactive, is a turn-based strategy game in a blood-brawl sports skin. It pokes its fair share of fun at the NFL, but is otherwise a s

Posted 7 years ago

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Venomous shooter players. Do they migrate?
Venomous shooter players. Do they migrate?

One thing we've all come to know and love - wait, I mean know and loathe - is the pervasive presence of foul-mouthed, apparently racist, usually homophobic, bigoted and just downright unsavory indivi

Posted 10 years ago

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