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Slime Rancher Version 0.4.2 Arrives

Monomi Park's Slime Rancher is one of the many titles awaiting an official release from Xbox's Game Preview program. The game will be updated for version 0.4.2 by the end of the week.

Posted 4 hours ago, 1 comment

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Dated for Xbox One

Announced alongside Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, a current-gen version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has been biding its time as a PS4 exclusive since December 6th. Expect it on Xbox One in March.

Posted 4 hours ago, 3 comments

HITMAN's HDR Update Approaches

While we knew Square Enix and Io Interactive's HITMAN was on the short list of Xbox One games to be receiving HDR support, we didn't know when. Now we do -- expect it by the end of this month.

Posted 17 hours ago, 4 comments

SMITE Double Everything Weekend Boosts Worshipers, XP and Favor

Despite a Party Up event being on offer just last weekend, there are already more opportunities to boost your worshipers, XP and favor in SMITE. And this time, you don't have to have friends! Yay!

Posted 17 hours ago, 4 comments

Tekken 6, Midway Arcade Origins and Mutant Storm Empire Now Backwards Compatible

Xbox's backwards compatibility team isn't messing around in 2017. Following on last week's additions of two Battlefield games and Dragon Age: Origins, three more titles, including Tekken 6, have now been added.

Posted 17 hours ago, 10 comments

Magic Duels Welcomes the Aether Revolt

With Wizards of the Coast's new "Aether Revolt" set arriving for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game this Friday, it only makes sense for the accompanying video game to get the new content too.

Posted yesterday, 7 comments

Path of Exile Announced for Xbox One

2013's mega-popular, free-to-play, hack 'n slash action RPG — that's a lot of descriptors — Path of Exile has just been confirmed for Xbox One. The game claimed many a PC Game of the Year award in 2013.

Posted 2 days ago, 38 comments

Neverwinter Double XP Event Live Soon

Starting Thursday morning and running until Monday morning, Neverwinter will be hosting a double XP event. It is just what it sounds like... double XP on all your endeavors for the duration of the event!

Posted 2 days ago, 15 comments

Resident Evil 7 Confirmed for Xbox Play Anywhere

Resident Evil 7 has been confirmed for Xbox's Play Anywhere program, Phil Spencer tweeted today. While we already knew there were going to be both Xbox One and Windows 10 versions, Play Anywhere is a nice surprise.

Posted 2 days ago, 10 comments

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker Announced for Consoles

Who doesn't love playing matchmaker? British developer Magic Notion took the simple concept of matchmaking and turned it into an over-the-top mobile game which sees players running their own dating agency.

Posted 2 days ago, 91 comments

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Steel Rain X Review

Every shoot 'em up has its hook. In Polarity Flow's Steel Rain X, the gameplay revolves around its three different ship formations. While we're at it, let's toss in some progression and management mechanics.

Posted 13 days ago, 5 comments

Silence Review

The dictionary definition of silence is the "absence of any sound or noise." In Daedalic's Silence, it's the name of a fantasy world where everything and everyone are not as they seem.

Posted 1 month ago, 21 comments

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review

The vehicular combat genre is seriously lacking in current times. Developer Gamepires is entering the ring with Gas Guzzlers Extreme, a port of a 2013 PC title. Let's see how they did with their first venture on the Xbox One.

Posted 2 months ago, 13 comments

Saturday Morning RPG Review

Since Saturday Morning RPG is a video game that is not shy about paying homage to the cheesiness and outrageousness of decades past, we're willing to accept, embrace and even love this cliche.

Posted 2 months ago, 14 comments

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Gears of War 4 Achievement List

Seriously? In the English language, it's an expression that we frequently use to double check if someone really meant what they said. In the gaming community it has taken on another meaning entirely.

Posted 3 months ago, 52 comments

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Achievement List

Although the Pac-Man series has seen three releases this year with Pac-Man 256, ARCADE GAME SERIES: Ms. Pac-Man and ARCADE GAME SERIES: Pac-Man, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is the first original release of 2016.

Posted 4 months ago, 14 comments

Carmageddon: Max Damage Achievement List

The storied Carmageddon franchise smashes its way back onto consoles this Friday, June 8th. We've got the achievement list at our finger tips, so let's go ahead and take a look.

Posted 6 months ago, 8 comments

Call of Duty: Consumer Warfare

“50,000 people used to live here. Now it’s a ghost town.” That’s the opening line to the iconic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare trailer that blew everyone’s mind at E3 2007. “Our so called leaders prostituted us to the West..."

Posted 8 months ago, 180 comments

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