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Kevin Tavore (Eurydace)

Kevin is a lover of all types of media, especially any type of long form story. The American equivalent of Aristotle, he'll write about anything and everything and you'll usually see him as the purveyor of news, reviews and the occasional op-ed. He's happy with any game that's not point and click or puzzling, but would always rather be outdoors in nature.
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Activision Reveals How It Can Use Matchmaking to Sell Microtransactions

Activision's latest patent filing goes into gritty detail regarding how they use matchmaking to ensure they get as many sales of DLC as possible. Because of course they do.

Posted 17 hours ago, 73 comments

Halo: MCC Will Get Updated Matchmaking, Xbox One X Enhancements

343 confirmed the title would indeed be receiving a new patch. The primary goal of that new patch would be to add improved Xbox One matchmaking features to the game and Xbox One X enhancements.

Posted 3 days ago, 63 comments

New Patch for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

This holiday season's premiere fighting game is getting a few touch-ups in the latest patch, fixing some outstanding bugs and balancing the characters just a little bit.

Posted 3 days ago, 5 comments

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Delayed

The developers know that with a series with the pedigree of Age of Empires, it's important to get it right. To that end, they've unfortunately decided that a delay is necessary. It's now coming in 2018.

Posted 5 days ago, 24 comments

Paladins Gets a New Patch with New Achievements

The latest patch introduces the game's "All Hallows Evie" event and, perhaps more importantly for many readers, it's changing the nature of that easy completion to make it...not so easy.

Posted 10 days ago, 60 comments

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Multiplayer Mode Out Tomorrow, Free Play Weekend Coming

Ubisoft has been hard at work adding new content to Wildlands and the most anticipated addition is finally due out to tomorrow. The 4v4 multiplayer mode should be exactly what fans are looking for.

Posted 11 days ago, 15 comments

Jurassic World Evolution’s First Gameplay Footage Revealed

The developers promised a brand new world of your own creation, a park building experience where you could manage every attraction to the peril of your attendees. Today, we’ve earned our first look at the game.

Posted 11 days ago, 10 comments

Monster Hunter: World Set for January

Announced at E3, the Japanese hit is jumping back from Nintendo to all modern consoles. It'll launch in January with preorder bonuses and two special editions in tow.

Posted 1 month ago, 10 comments

MX vs ATV All Out Announced

The series has been around for over a decade now with one obvious goal: putting together motocross bikes and ATV's in one package to suit all your offroad needs. The newest title does just that.

Posted 1 month ago, 12 comments

Project Code: SHIFT Is Not Your Stereotypical Chinese Game

Mike Dai, the game's lead producer, knows that China's game development scene has a poor reputation. Project Code: Shift is his attempt to show China can stand tall, and it looks like it's succeeding.

Posted 1 month ago, 8 comments

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review

The sequel to what many consider 2014's Game of the Year improves upon its predecessor in every way, bringing improvements and new ideas together to create an excellent Assassin's Creed-style adventure.

Posted 6 days ago, 92 comments

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a comic series brought to life and mixed with modernized JRPG gameplay to create an RPG experience that stands among the best available on the Xbox One.

Posted 17 days ago, 29 comments

Lightfield Review

Lightfield sets its sights on innovation and largely succeeds, offering a unique racing experience. Unfortunately, there are simply too many negatives to recommend the title for its launch price.

Posted 23 days ago, 1 comment

WRC 7 Review

WRC 7 is racing for the sake of racing. In its purest form, it is full to the brim with exciting tracks across a huge variety of locations. If you're looking for rally this fall, look no further.

Posted 29 days ago, 20 comments

Valkyria Revolution Review

It's not going to spark a JRPG revolution on the Xbox, but on a console starved for quality entries in the genre, Valkyria Revolution stands in as an enjoyable experience if you can get past its issues.

Posted 3 months ago, 43 comments

MotoGP 17 Review

This year's MotoGP entry takes one step forward and two steps back, offering a fun but flawed game without much innovation and fewer reasons to return for another lap around the track.

Posted 4 months ago, 14 comments

Thea: The Awakening Review

Combining Civ-style empire management, RPG-style lore, worldbuilding, and card combat, Thea is a unique mix of genres that's enjoyable despite its flaws.

Posted 4 months ago, 7 comments

Shadow Warrior 2 Review

Taking the best of the classic FPS resurgence in titles like DOOM and combining them with the loot structure and RPG gameplay of Diablo, Shadow Warrior 2 is undoubtedly the best FPS dungeon crawler you can buy.

Posted 5 months ago, 32 comments

The Surge Review

The Surge is the latest game from Deck13, the team behind Lords of the Fallen. Splashing the Souls formula with a dose of sci-fi and making a few alterations, they've created a Souls-like game that's really quite good.

Posted 5 months ago, 33 comments

Air Guitar Warrior Review

Air Guitar Warrior is full of just about every metal trope you can imagine in the best way possible. You'll fight vikings, demons and Zeus, all while rocking out to the most metal of tracks.

Posted 6 months ago, 11 comments

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Latest editorials by Kevin Tavore
Time Recoil First Impressions

It's the latest ID@Xbox top down shooter, a game we've seen time and time again. Pun intended. Dean's here to let us know whether it's time to invest in this title.

Posted 25 days ago, 3 comments

The Way First Impressions

The Way is the latest in a long line of puzzlers to hit the ID@Xbox scene. Set in a gloomy world with an interesting story, it could be something special. That's why we recruited Dean to give us his first impressions.

Posted 1 month ago, 8 comments

Sonic Mania First Impressions

Everyone knows who Sonic is and what he's all about. You go really fast and you get confused about what's going on until you hit an enemy or some spikes and stop dead in your tracks and that is just a wonderful experience.

Posted 1 month ago, 25 comments

The Desperate Failure of Games to Tell a Tale

The sky is not blue because it is blue; the sky is blue because the author says it is. Authors use imagination to create worlds which become real. Video games are a bit rougher than that.

Posted 2 months ago, 137 comments

GRIDD: Retroenhanced First Impressions

Retroenhanced. What does that really mean? The jury's still out but it looks like it just means fun. GRIDD is an on-rails shooter with an 80's vibe and a modern feel.

Posted 2 months ago, 6 comments

Fortnite Preview

This tower defense, horde mode, third person shooter-RPG, crossed with Minecraft and free to play elements actually works really well. Yeah, it's a mouthful but is it ever delicious.

Posted 3 months ago, 23 comments

TA Community Interview - KBop a doo

She's put down over 800 news articles since joining the newshounds and I'm sure everyone has enjoyed her work, but she hadn't yet sat down for the interview. It's time to change that.

Posted 4 months ago, 37 comments

Dear Overwatch, Please Be a Better Destiny

Let's face it, for all its highs, Destiny has just as many lows. That untapped potential is there, but perhaps we should look elsewhere for those fleeting highs. They say the grass is greener on the other side...

Posted 4 months ago, 114 comments

Friday the 13th First Impressions

It's Jason versus the counselors all over again in this asymmetrical multiplayer experience. Scares await, but does good gameplay come with them, or is your time better spent out in the woods? Renn lets us know.

Posted 4 months ago, 25 comments

Demon's Crystals First Impressions

Demon's Crystals is the latest twin stick shooter with anime characters. Beyond that, there's not a whole lot to be said. It's better to see what it's all about.

Posted 5 months ago, 4 comments

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