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Kevin is a lover of all types of media, especially any type of long form story. The American equivalent of Aristotle, he'll write about anything and everything and you'll usually see him as the purveyor of news, reviews and the occasional op-ed. He's happy with any game that's not point and click or puzzling, but would always rather be outdoors in nature.
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SOULCALIBUR VI Mitsurugi Showcase

The fan-favorite swordsman is returning in the latest sequel, and the latest developer diary has a few new details. In the diary, producer Motohiro Okubo talks about the character and what he means to the series.

Posted 2 days ago, 1 comment

Xbox Game Pass on Sale for 50%+ Off for Some

In the US it’s $4.99 for a month instead of $9.99 and in Europe the discount is closer to 66%. If you’re interested in signing up this year this might just be the best deal you’re likely to get.

Posted 14 days ago, 112 comments

Price Increase for All Artifex Mundi Games

Artifex Mundi has announced that all of their titles have received an immediate price increase by 50%, citing increased development costs as the reason for the change.

Posted 17 days ago, 210 comments

Learn How TERA Made Its Way from PC to Consoles

TERA is set to launch this year as one of the biggest MMO's available on console. What took so long? It all started in 2013 just before the game's full F2P launch and the tale is an interesting one.

Posted 18 days ago, 14 comments

All Future Microsoft Titles to Launch as Part of Xbox Games Pass

Microsoft is committed to Xbox Games Pass and today they’re putting their money where their mouth is - all future first party games will launch on release day as part of the Xbox Games Pass.

Posted 1 month ago, 232 comments

How to Hunt a Radobaan in Monster Hunter: World

Only a few days out from release, today's gameplay footage courtesy of the Playstation YouTube channel shows a hunter taking on a fearsome beast known as a Radobaan.

Posted 1 month ago, 3 comments

Battlefield 1's DLC Will Have a Free Trial This Week Only

The WWI shooter's season pass has been a long affair and it's not yet done, but if you've been holding out then the price is about to get a little bit sweeter -- at least for a short time this week.

Posted 1 month ago, 12 comments

Dark Souls: Remastered Announced

Bandai Namco has confirmed this morning that Dark Souls will be coming to this generation of consoles. All we know is that it will be coming in high-definition this May.

Posted 1 month ago, 114 comments

Achievement Reminder: It’s Quiz Time

This Christmas is about more than family and food and presents. It’s actually about It’s Quiz Time. This game has an exclusive achievement available only today!

Posted 1 month ago, 24 comments

[Update] Monopoly Streets Servers Shutdown

EA has announced that the servers for the game will shutdown on Friday, December 15th. If you're reading this, that's either today or it's about to be today. Time to build some houses.

Posted 2 months ago, 122 comments

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Monster Hunter: World Review

The thrill of the hunt is alive and well in Monster Hunter: World. The beasts you'll hunt will require careful planning, tracking and execution to down, and it's even better with friends.

Posted 3 days ago, 109 comments

Xuan-Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament Review

It’s from a long-running series you’ve never heard of and serves as China’s take on Final Fantasy. Combining classic elements with a new spin and lots of issues, the result is both good and bad depending on your approach.

Posted 28 days ago, 18 comments

Okami HD Review

Okami was pinned as a Zelda-killer when it first arrived. Thanks to its wonderful art style, clever design and presentation, it might just have reached that height. A decade later, it's dated but still relevant.

Posted 1 month ago, 37 comments

The Surge - A Walk in the Park Review

The Surge is going where no Souls-like has gone before: the theme park. With new bosses, new gear and a park to explore, this DLC has potential, but it’s meeting that potential that’s always a rollercoaster.

Posted 2 months ago, 7 comments

Outcast - Second Contact Review

In 1999, Outcast offered a living, open world in an era for which where it was practically unheard. It's the game that inspired the game that inspired the game that inspired your favorite open world. Now it's back.

Posted 3 months ago, 34 comments

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review

The sequel to what many consider 2014's Game of the Year improves upon its predecessor in every way, bringing improvements and new ideas together to create an excellent Assassin's Creed-style adventure.

Posted 4 months ago, 130 comments

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a comic series brought to life and mixed with modernized JRPG gameplay to create an RPG experience that stands among the best available on the Xbox One.

Posted 4 months ago, 31 comments

Lightfield Review

Lightfield sets its sights on innovation and largely succeeds, offering a unique racing experience. Unfortunately, there are simply too many negatives to recommend the title for its launch price.

Posted 5 months ago, 1 comment

WRC 7 Review

WRC 7 is racing for the sake of racing. In its purest form, it is full to the brim with exciting tracks across a huge variety of locations. If you're looking for rally this fall, look no further.

Posted 5 months ago, 20 comments

Valkyria Revolution Review

It's not going to spark a JRPG revolution on the Xbox, but on a console starved for quality entries in the genre, Valkyria Revolution stands in as an enjoyable experience if you can get past its issues.

Posted 7 months ago, 43 comments

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Full Metal Furies First Impressions

No, this article is not full of puns related to furries. That's such a tired joke. Seriously. Just look at at any reference to the game anywhere on the internet. Instead, Dean's going to tell you why it's so great.

Posted 3 days ago, 9 comments

Melodies, Desperation and a Story

A game cannot tell a good story, but that doesn't mean there's not a good story to tell when playing a game. Like music, gaming may create just the right mix of emotion to become something special.

Posted 12 days ago, 51 comments

What Goes Around Comes Around - Microsoft's Vision for the Future

Microsoft unveiled their vision in 2013 to disastrous results. No one wanted an online console that couldn't play used games. Or, well, they didn't until earlier this week.

Posted 27 days ago, 187 comments

The Top Five Games With Gold Games in 2017

We've had a wonderful year and now it's time to celebrate those games that went just a little bit farther than the rest. It's time to decide which Games with Gold games really earned the gold medal.

Posted 1 month ago, 78 comments

UHH3 Winner Community Interview - JamP0und32

JamP0und32 was a man on a quest these past few years. It was a quest that took him low and high through the battlefield of UHH and finally, it has come to an end. Let's get to know our newest victor.

Posted 1 month ago, 55 comments

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Preview

PUBG is certainly the most popular game in the world right now and it’s just hit Game Preview for Xbox One. So, what is it? It’s just you versus 99 others in a battle royale to the death.

Posted 2 months ago, 45 comments

The Mummy Demastered First Impressions

Do you remember one of this summer's greatest blockbusters, The Mummy? The Mummy Demastered is actually completely different. It's a Metroidvania title and it doesn't star Tom Cruise.

Posted 2 months ago, 11 comments

Battle Garegga Rev.2016 First Impressions

Battle Garegga is a classic shmup from the 90s that has developed quite a fan base. This new release is the 2016 revision. Dean's here to give us his first impression of the game.

Posted 3 months ago, 1 comment

The Best 4K HDR TVs For Xbox One X

This is the official TrueAchievements TV Buying Guide for Holiday 2017. Check inside to get all the info you need to start a search for your next big purchase, or just take our recommendation and be amazed.

Posted 3 months ago, 142 comments

Danger Zone First Impression

Danger Zone was made in clear reverence to the old Burnout crash mode, and as an imitator it is likely as good as we'll ever get. If you have fond memories of Burnout, or if you think you should, then don't miss this.

Posted 4 months ago, 20 comments

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