Luke Albigés

Luke Albigés

Luke runs the TA news team, contributing where he can primarily with reviews and other long-form features — crafts he has honed across two decades of print and online gaming media experience, having worked with the likes of gamesTM, Eurogamer, Play, Retro Gamer, Edge, and many more. He loves all things Monster Hunter, enjoys a good D&D session, and has played way too much Destiny.
Music games, RPGs, fighting games
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The best free Xbox games

Looking for some of the best free Xbox games? You've come to the right place. These free-to-play gems provide hours of fun without you ever needing to reach for your wallet, so get involved!

Posted 1 year ago

Best Xbox Cloud Gaming games (August 2022)

Xbox Cloud Gaming is one of Xbox Game Pass' coolest features, letting you play many of your favourite titles from the service an a wide array of different devices. Here's a selection of games that are a great fit for cloud play.

Posted 1 month ago

Which fighting game series should come to Xbox next?

Xbox is in a better state for fighting game fans today than it has been since the genre's Street Fighter IV-fuelled Xbox 360-era renaissance. Still, there's always room for improvement — will one of these be next to throw down?

Posted 2 months ago

Nine of the best Xbox Game Pass hidden gems (July 2022)

With big-name titles joining Xbox Game Pass pretty much every single month, it's all too easy for some of the smaller games to slip through the cracks. Here, we'll shine a light on some low-key greats you should check out.

Posted 2 months ago

ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo event officially live today

Another batch of ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest demos are dropping this week, with more than 30 indie games to try. We've scanned in the majority of the demos already, and quite a few look to be playable right now.

Posted 3 months ago

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase no-shows: late 2023 and beyond

Microsoft chose to focus the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase on games releasing in the next year, but that meant a lot of known titles which will be releasing after that were no-shows. Here are a few of the notable absentees...

Posted 3 months ago

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Saints Row review

Saints Row returns this week, and despite Volition's latest slice of over-the-top open world gang warfare having its share of bugs and issues, it's still a lot of fun. Luke took a quick city break to Santo Ileso to check it out...

Posted 1 month ago

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga review

The biggest licensed Lego game to date launches tomorrow, and ahead of release, we've been on a sightseeing tour of the galaxy to see how Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga stacks up to its peers...

Posted 5 months ago

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands review

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands combines fantasy tabletop gaming with Borderlands' over-the-top combat, but how does it stack up to the excellent Borderlands 2 DLC, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep? Let's find out...

Posted 6 months ago

Elden Ring: a comprehensive review

It's a good bit later than planned, but here's our (extremely long) take on FromSoftware's latest hardcore action-RPG, Elden Ring — a new twist on the Souls formula set in a dark fantasy world that's bigger than ever.

Posted 6 months ago

OlliOlli World review

Don't be fooled by the cute, colourful presentation — OlliOlli World is up there with the most skill-intensive score attack games of recent years, as well as being up there with the best of them. Here's our full review...

Posted 7 months ago

Rainbow Six Extraction review

Rainbow Six Extraction launches straight into Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, trading the tense competition of Siege for a purely PvE experience against an alien parasite, for some reason. But you know what? We don't hate it...

Posted 8 months ago

Nobody Saves the World review

Guacamelee! creator Drinkbox Studios is back with another slice of colourful cartoon chaos... how well does the team handle the transition from action-platformer to action-RPG?

Posted 8 months ago

Halo Infinite review

After multiple delays, Halo Infinite finally drops later this week as the last big Xbox release of 2021. We've been blasting our way through an early review build of the game — here's what we thought.

Posted 9 months ago

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One review

Ready for more mysteries and crimes to solve? Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One arrives this week, so Luke donned his deerstalker and took to the streets of Cordona to deliver a verdict on the new detective game...

Posted 10 months ago

Jurassic World Evolution 2 review

With Jurassic World Evolution 2 out this week, Luke took up duties on the park management team to see how Frontier had changed things up for this next dino-packed sim....

Posted 10 months ago

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The best of Gamescom 2022

Gamescom 2022 let us see and play a bunch of exciting upcoming Xbox games — here are our picks of some of the best games from the Cologne show.

Posted 28 days ago

Xbox Game Pass wishlist — September 2022

Xbox Game Pass tends to get a few surprise additions each month, so we thought we'd check out the release schedule for September and see if we can't deduce what a few of next month's Game Pass surprises might be...

Posted 1 month ago

BS GS: Crazy achievements we're glad aren't real #5 — Rocket League
BS GS: Crazy achievements we're glad aren't real #4 — Elden Ring
BS GS: Crazy achievements we're glad aren't real #3 — Skyrim
BS GS: Crazy achievements we're glad aren't real #3 — Skyrim

A game on the scale of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has ample opportunity to mess players around with disgusting achievements... here are just a few of the ways it could have been a horrible completion rather than just a long one.

Posted 1 month ago

BS GS: Crazy achievements we're glad aren't real #2 — Nexomon: Extinction
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