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Luke Albigés

Job title:Editor
Joined:August 2020
Bio:Hey, I'm Luke! I've been playing games since way back in the 8-bit days, and have spent the last 15+ years writing and talking about them professionally for anyone and everyone who would let me. Monster Hunter fanatic, wearer of many fine hats, and always up for a raid.
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Unsighted's achievement list looks absolutely savage

If you're a fan of brutal completions, Unsighted looks like it'll be a game for you. The hardcore action title launches into Xbox Game Pass in a few weeks, and the achievement list looks like an absolute nightmare.

Posted 4 days ago

GTA 5 Xbox Series X|S version delayed to March 2022

Grand Theft Auto V won't be getting its Xbox Series X|S release this year after all — a new trailer that dropped at this evening's PlayStation Showcase confirmed that the enhanced version will now arrive in March 2022.

Posted 11 days ago

Game Pass First Impressions: Crown Trick

Xbox Game Pass just landed another new roguelike, this time the stylish turn-based Mystery Dungeon-alike, Crown Trick. Luke was having a great time with it... until he wasn't.

Posted 12 days ago

Gamescom Opening Night Live round-up

Gamescom Opening Night Live gave us plenty of first looks, updates, new trailers, and more on the biggest games coming this year and beyond. Here's a quick recap of everything that happened at the show.

Posted 26 days ago

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Latest reviews by Luke Albigés
The Artful Escape review

Go from small-town dreamer with a guitar to interstellar rock god in The Artful Escape — the trippiest game to arrive on Game Pass in recent memory and an experience unlike any other. Here's what we thought...

Posted 12 days ago

Psychonauts 2 review

Psychonauts 2 arrives later this week for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Xbox One, dropping straight into Xbox Game Pass when it does. Has Double Fine managed to bottle lightning with Raz's return? Find out in our review...

Posted 28 days ago

Hades review

A year after it first released to a rapturous response from players and critics alike, Hades finally makes its way to Xbox (and Game Pass!) this week. Luke journeys to Hell and back to find out what all the fuss is about...

Posted 1 month ago

The Ascent review

Cyberpunk RPG/shooter The Ascent jacks into the Xbox Game Pass library today and while it's certainly very pretty, the experience is almost flatlined by a constant barrage of bugs, glitches, and crashes.

Posted 1 month ago

Outriders review

Outriders is seemingly off to a pretty strong start, but is it any good? Yes... at least when the online aspect allows it to be. Here's our squad's take on People Can Fly's new sci-fi action-RPG.

Posted 5 months ago

The Medium review

Bloober Team's psychological thriller The Medium is here at last, channeling Silent Hill via Polish surrealist art to deliver a narrative experience which is flawed yet fascinating.

Posted 8 months ago

Immortals Fenyx Rising review

It might not be called Gods and Monsters any more, but it still has both those things in abundance. Look past the terrible title and corny dialogue to find arguably Ubisoft's strongest game of the year...

Posted 10 months ago

Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Xbox Series X) review

Sega flings its ever-crazy series into a new generation, with a brand new kind of gameplay backed up by some seriously impressive tech. Here's our verdict on the Series X version...

Posted 10 months ago

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Latest editorials by Luke Albigés
Git gud: 30 of the hardest Xbox achievements ever

We've talked about grinds, luck, and even online achievements, but lets strip it back a little this time — which skill-based achievements out there are simply some of the most straight-up difficult to unlock?

Posted 10 days ago

Hades: The Road to 1K (0-1,000G)

Planning on going for the Hades completion? You can look forward to some tricky challenges, a fair few random elements, and a lot of escape attempts if you want the full 1,000G. Here's how Luke got on...

Posted 1 month ago

The best Xbox soundtracks

Music is one of the secret ingredients of great game design. While it might often go unnoticed by many players, it's an aspect of gaming that doesn't get the love it deserves, so let's change that.

Posted 1 month ago

Psychonauts 2 hands-on impressions

Double Fine's quirky platformer sequel Psychonauts 2 arrives next month, and we've been lucky enough to blast through a decent chunk of the crazy adventure already. Here are some early impressions...

Posted 2 months ago

Extra Time: Six games to help beat the post-Euro 2020 blues

Euro 2020 came to a close in dramatic fashion last night, and many footy fans will likely be finding that the end of the month-long tourney has left a void in their lives. Not to worry — we've got a few ideas that may help.

Posted 2 months ago

E3 2021 TA team predictions

The TA news team has dug deep to come up with a bunch of predictions as to what we'll see come out of E3 later in the week. Some seem like safe bets, others... yeah, not so much.

Posted 3 months ago

Xbox Game Pass TA Team Picks (April 2021)

The TrueAchievements news team is back with another selection of choice cuts from the current Xbox Game Pass library. If you're not sure what to play next, maybe one of these great games will take your fancy?

Posted 5 months ago

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