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Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost event begins today

Spooky season starts today in Destiny 2, with the Festival of the Lost event returning to the Tower once again. Predictably, though, the best stuff is in the Eververse store — check out those dino armour Ornaments!

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Unsighted's achievement list looks absolutely savage

If you're a fan of brutal completions, Unsighted looks like it'll be a game for you. The hardcore action title launches into Xbox Game Pass in a few weeks, and the achievement list looks like an absolute nightmare.

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GTA 5 Xbox Series X|S version delayed to March 2022

Grand Theft Auto V won't be getting its Xbox Series X|S release this year after all — a new trailer that dropped at this evening's PlayStation Showcase confirmed that the enhanced version will now arrive in March 2022.

Posted 1 month ago 61

Game Pass First Impressions: Crown Trick

Xbox Game Pass just landed another new roguelike, this time the stylish turn-based Mystery Dungeon-alike, Crown Trick. Luke was having a great time with it... until he wasn't.

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Gamescom Opening Night Live round-up

Gamescom Opening Night Live gave us plenty of first looks, updates, new trailers, and more on the biggest games coming this year and beyond. Here's a quick recap of everything that happened at the show.

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What the luck?! 20 achievements that can be an RNG nightmare

Recently, we brought you a rundown of some of the grindiest achievements on Xbox, but intentionally omitted ones where RNG was the primary factor. As luck would have it, here's a follow-up piece all about those awful things.

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Halo Infinite will not have campaign co-op or Forge at launch

343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite will ship without campaign co-op and Forge mode, seemingly to give the features more time in development and in order to launch the game in its planned 'holiday 2021' window.

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We now have guides for all Twelve Minutes achievements

Struggling with some of the obtuse achievement descriptions in Xbox Game Pass newcomer Twelve Minutes? If you can't work out what you're supposed to do, never fear — the TA community has come to your rescue!

Posted 1 month ago 52

Hades: escape both habits and Hell with these winning builds

If your favourite Hades builds just aren't cutting it later in a run, or you just want to try out something new but aren't sure where to invest your resources, this little guide should hopefully give you a few ideas to try out...

Posted 2 months ago 20

Library of Ruina joins Xbox Game Pass today

“Library Battle Simulation” Library of Ruina was just sneakily added to the Xbox Game Pass library, and we've just picked up the achievement list to go with it.

Posted 2 months ago 31

Our official site review scores are changing (a bit)

We have made the decision to slightly adjust the scoring system for our site reviews, and will now be doing away with decimal places as we shift to traditional out-of-ten integer scoring.

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Xbox Sales TA Team Picks (August 6th)

The Xbox Summer Sale was always going to be a tough act to follow, but there are still decent discounts if you know where to look. For those struggling with that part, the TA news team is back with some more pointers.

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