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Mark Delaney (N0T PENNYS B0AT)

Mark is a Boston native now living in Portland, Oregon. He's the Editorial Manager on TA, loves story-first games, and is one of three voices on the TA Playlist podcast. Outside of games he likes biking, sci-fi, the NFL, and spending time with his fiancée and son. He almost never writes in the third person.
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The Best Xbox Turn-Based Combat Games Available in 2018

We've compiled the best turn-based combat games you can find on Xbox right now in 2018. If you're a fan of such strategic games and you've missed anything from this list, now's the time to play, before more genre hits arrive.

Posted 2 days ago, 41 comments

Vote Now for August 2018's TA Playlist Game

August is typically the last month of the year before the fall and holiday releases come rushing in. That's true again this year, so before we all go head first into 2018's biggest games, join us for a new round of our game club.

Posted 7 days ago, 139 comments

The Best Xbox Metroidvania Games Available in 2018

Metroidvania games are one of the oldest in the home console library. That's how their genre name after all. Here's our list of the best Metroidvanias available on Xbox One in 2018.

Posted 9 days ago, 50 comments

Take The Plunge in Sea of Thieves' Latest Bilge Rat Adventure, The Sunken Curse

Rare has kept the events coming fast and furious since The Hungering Deep. The latest Bilge Rat Adventure, The Sunken Curse, is running now through July 25th with new exclusive cosmetics and other treasures up for grabs.

Posted 10 days ago, 10 comments

The Best Xbox Action-Adventure Games Available in 2018

There seems to be no genre of video game more played than action-adventure. There is simply a bevy of games constantly coming out for the genre. If you're looking for a good one to play on Xbox, start here.

Posted 15 days ago, 47 comments

TA Playlist for July 2018 is Live with Fallout: New Vegas

It's been said that war never changes, and this month you can bet on it. The next month of TA Playlist has just kicked off and this month we're highlighting Obsidian's scorched earth in Fallout: New Vegas.

Posted 20 days ago, 26 comments

TA Playlist Podcast Episode 15 - Quantum Break

With TA Playlist being well over a year old now, it was about time we all played a game, uh, about time. Our month of Quantum Break coverage is coming to a close but first we get to wrap it all up with our monthly podcast.

Posted 21 days ago, 13 comments

TA Playlist Game for July 2018 Announced

We're heading to the wasteland for our next TA Playlist game! Join us starting on July 1st as we step out into the sunlight, level up, and survive a post-nuclear sin city as a community with Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas.

Posted 30 days ago, 104 comments

Vote Now for July 2018's TA Playlist Game

We interrupt your regularly scheduled deluge of E3 news to bring you the next TA Playlist poll. Like we did last year, we focused on four series with new games coming out later this year, so pick your favorite and vote!

Posted 1 month ago, 131 comments

TA Playlist Podcast Episode 14 - Alice: Madness Returns

Over the last month we jumped on mushrooms, fought anthropomorphic tea kettles, and sought guidance from a talking cat. No, we weren't tripping out of our minds. We were spending a few weeks in Wonderland.

Posted 1 month ago, 9 comments

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All-Star Fruit Racing Review

Fans of kart racers have a few to choose from on Xbox One, but maybe none are as good as All-Star Fruit Racing. With a vibrant color palette, great track variety, and plenty of game modes, it's a deliciously sweet arcade racer.

Posted 10 days ago, 19 comments

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review

In a generation full of remasters, what may have felt like nostalgia for some games has often turned to fatigue, but in the case of Crash Bandicoot, this trilogy of gorgeous remakes is deserved and mostly still holds up.

Posted 19 days ago, 41 comments

LEGO The Incredibles Review

Another family movie means another LEGO adaptation. This time it's the latest Pixar effort, The Incredibles 2, getting the bricks and minifigure treatment. Like all LEGO games, you probably know what you're getting here.

Posted 24 days ago, 23 comments

Fox n Forests Review

Fox n Forests is a sometimes too faithful homage to the Metroidvania games of yesteryear. If you want to revisit that era without any real innovations, this is the game for you. It's both a blessing and a curse.

Posted 1 month ago, 2 comments

AO Tennis Review

There's been a Top Spin-sized hole in the Xbox marketplace for a while now. The once great tennis simulator has been absent for years, and stepping into its place is AO Tennis. It's pretty good on the court, but missing content.

Posted 1 month ago, 13 comments

Agony Review

Agony is a first-person horror game in which everything is broken. It should be played by no one before patches fix many issues. Sadly some of the game's problems simply can't be patched and Agony may never be worthwhile.

Posted 1 month ago, 109 comments

State of Decay 2 Review

State of Decay was a bigger hit than anyone expected back in 2013, to the extent that Microsoft got behind Undead Labs for a sequel. If you liked that one, you'll love this one. No one simulates the zombie world better.

Posted 2 months ago, 121 comments

The Council Episode 2 Review

The Council premiere episode was a long overdue reinvigoration of the narrative adventure genre. Could it follow that up with another impressive episode? The short answer is yes. This series will not be a one-hit wonder.

Posted 2 months ago, 13 comments

Through The Woods Review

There's been a run of games focused on Norse mythology, from God of War to Hellblade, and even Skyrim. Now there's Through The Woods, which puts that backdrop in a horror game with inconsistent effectiveness.

Posted 2 months ago, 18 comments

Forgotton Anne Review

Forgotton Anne -- yes, it's really spelled that way -- is a stunningly beautiful 2D anime adventure that will impress players whether or not they typically like that sort of thing. It feels like nothing else on the market today.

Posted 2 months ago, 15 comments

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Poll: Which Dormant Game Or Series Do You Hope Gets a Sequel?

It seems we get so many sequels in video games, and yet there are still several series or one-off games that have never received follow-ups despite seeming worth the effort. Which is your most desired sequel?

Posted 20 hours ago, 220 comments

Seven 2018 ID@Xbox Games You May Have Missed (And Should Go Play Now)

The game release calendar hardly has any quiet periods anymore. July may be the last bastion of a quiet period for new releases. Use these next few weeks to play these seven great ID@Xbox games while you can.

Posted 13 days ago, 57 comments

Waves of Change: Battling Social Anxiety in Sea of Thieves

Rare's pirate adventure isn't for everyone and it's pretty clear why. But for me, there's nothing else quite like it, and nothing quite as rewarding thanks to its ability to aid me in defeating lifelong social anxiety.

Posted 14 days ago, 49 comments

Poll: Besides Video Games, Which Other Entertainment Medium Is Your Favorite?

This week, we're asking about other arts and entertainment media besides video games. Presumably, we're all here because we love gaming, but what else do you love when it comes to entertainment?

Posted 15 days ago, 163 comments

Easiest Xbox Achievement Lists from June 2018

We're halfway through the year now and the easy achievement lists just keep on coming. In this month's roundup, you'll find an unexpected sequel, a new point-and-click trilogy, and another Artifex Mundi game, of course.

Posted 20 days ago, 35 comments

Poll: What's Your Game of the Year So Far?

We're halfway done with 2018. That means it's time to peek at our early favorites for Game of the Year. With several major releases still to come, what's been your best gaming experience thus far? Sound off in this week's poll!

Posted 22 days ago, 168 comments

Mutant Football League is Going Deep with Dynasty Mode

Lots of TA users jumped on Mutant Football League thanks to its easy achievement list. If you stuck around hoping to get more out of the title, a missing Dynasty mode would've been key. That mode is now on the way.

Posted 22 days ago, 5 comments

Top Ten Games We Saw and Played at E3 2018

In our final E3 2018 story, we're looking back on all we saw and played on the showfloor and rank our top ten favorite games of the show. Where did your most anticipated game land on our rankings?

Posted 27 days ago, 33 comments

The Division 2 Thinks the Worst of Humanity

It's the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine about The Division 2. Its gameplay demo was more of what players enjoyed from the original, but Massive Entertainment may have found a new wrinkle in the story genre.

Posted 28 days ago, 26 comments

Poll: When Do You Want the Next Xbox Console to Release?

This week, we're looking at Microsoft's surprising (or not?) move to start talking publicly about their next console. How soon is too soon before we see this next console hit stores? Are you eager or hesitant to buy in again?

Posted 29 days ago, 187 comments

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