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Sam's favourite Xbox games of the decade

To supplement our Game of the Decade voting event and to perhaps give you some inspiration, we're releasing a series of articles from our writers, as well as a round-up of our volunteer staff's picks for GOTD.

Posted 6 months ago 63

Easiest Xbox Achievement Lists from October 2019

With a relatively slow release calendar for what is usually the busiest period of the year, maybe you will find yourself with more room in the budget for some quick and easy gamerscore? Here's our picks.

Posted 8 months ago 30

The Easiest Xbox Achievement Lists from September 2019

As we head into October, we're digging into the month past and bringing you the achievement lists released in September that shouldn't give you too much trouble on the way to 100%. Will you add any to your wishlist?

Posted 9 months ago 25

Poll: Would You Join Us for an Extra Life Event This Year?

We're looking into bringing back the TrueAchievements squad for this year's Extra Life event, where gamers play and stream while raising money for a good cause. We want to know how many of you want to get involved!

Posted 10 months ago 43

Circuit Superstars: Our Surprise Favourite of Gamescom 2019

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the slew of games coming up in the next months and years. Sometimes you stumble upon a lovely surprise when you dig underneath the big hitters, and Circuit Superstars is one of them.

Posted 10 months ago 14

Fallout 76 Really Needs to Get In Xbox Game Pass

Lots of people have been surprised by the various missing games from Xbox's E3 conference – a new Fable, some news on The Initiative's project or a sliver of something from Age of Empires IV. My biggest shock? No Fallout 76.

Posted 1 year ago 80

Ten DLCs That Totally Changed The Story

While the relative merits and disadvantages of substantial extra content can be debated, there's certainly been a few expansions that are near-essential to the main game's narrative. Here are some of the most significant.

Posted 1 year ago

Starlink Preview: The Closest We'll Get to Starfox on Xbox

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a new toys-to-life experiment from Ubisoft in which you attach a space ship to your controller and use it to explore a far-flung solar system. We got hands on with the game and had a blast.

Posted 1 year ago

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara's Journey Has Evolved

In the third instalment of the rebooted series, Lara is a competent and skilled hunter albeit plagued by doubts. Her competence comes off in the gameplay, where players have more stealth, combat and puzzling options than ever.

Posted 1 year ago

The Mountains We Make: Celeste and Mental Health

I recently reviewed indie darling Celeste, which on the surface is an extremely competent and charming platformer. Underneath that, it's a fascinating parable about mental health - both in story and gameplay.

Posted 2 years ago

Top Five Next Steps for the Assassin's Creed Franchise

Assassin's Creed Origins has emerged almost unquestionably triumphant. It was full of bold steps forward and surprised everyone... but how does Ubisoft follow that success? Let's throw some ideas out there.

Posted 2 years ago

Road Rage Achievement List Revealed

The spiritual sequel to the classic Road Rash series, Road Rage, will see players take to the roads with their bikes and their melee weapons yet again. Smash your competitors off the road to ensure domination in the races.

Posted 2 years ago

TA Community Interview – BruceWayne1008

With TA Playlist just around the corner, there's just one of the trio of hosts who has yet to sit under the Community Interview spotlight. Let's correct that!

Posted 3 years ago

TA@EGX Rezzed: Mopping Up a Bloody Mess in Serial Cleaner

This guy knows where the bodies are buried because he's the Mafia's clean up maestro. In a twist on the top-down stealth genre, we got to sneak around an active crime scene and hide the evidence. Sometimes in a crocodile.

Posted 3 years ago

TA@EGX Rezzed: Super Smashing Fun with Brawlout

Every Xbox gamer who played Smash Bros. back in the day wishes they could get achievements in the Nintendo classic, right? Brawlout is likely the closest we'll get, as we discovered during our hands-on preview.

Posted 3 years ago

TA@EGX Rezzed: Booping Snoots In Ooblets

ID@Xbox wasn't shy about bringing an eclectic mix of titles to EGX Rezzed this year. Ooblets definitely doesn't fit the usual mould for Xbox and that's no bad thing. This could be the closest we ever get to a Pokemon game...

Posted 3 years ago

TA@EGX Rezzed: Investigating The Mystery of Tacoma

This year, ID@Xbox brought yet another atmospheric space mystery to unravel. Tacoma has its own unique flavour, though, as you'll be puzzling it out via 3D holographic recordings of the missing crew.

Posted 3 years ago