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TrueAchievements Players of the Week

In this week's TrueAchievements Players of the Week, a whole bunch of achievement guides topped 50 likes so we wanted to celebrate those along with the usual achievement unlocking successes.

Posted 4 months ago 23

The notorious "knife run" will be easier in Resident Evil 3

Knife runs are a staple of the Resident Evil community, but it was made even more difficult than usual in Resident Evil 2 remake due to the durability of knives. Capcom have made things easier for the third game's remake.

Posted 4 months ago 24

Cities Skylines: Sunset Harbor achievements revealed

Paradox Interactive have kindly given us a peek at the achievements list for the latest expansion to Cities Skylines. Sunset Harbor launches next week, bringing new fishing, transport and tourism options to your city.

Posted 4 months ago 18

TrueAchievements Players of the Week

In this week's edition of TrueAchievements Players of the Week, our members have stormed ahead in the new State of Decay 2 update for some high-ratio unlocks.

Posted 4 months ago 20

Minecraft Dungeons release date revealed

The Minecraft Dungeons release date has just been revealed via a scan of the Xbox Store. It's not available to pre-order just yet, but we have a couple more details to share.

Posted 4 months ago 13

UPDATE: E3 2020 officially cancelled

Perhaps the least surprising news of the year so far, but a sad report nonetheless – it looks like E3 2020 is going to be cancelled, going by several reports from industry insiders.

Posted 4 months ago 131

TrueAchievements Players of the Week

Welcome to our second round-up of TrueAchievements Players of the Week! This time around we've dug a little deeper into the stats to find some more meaningful milestones. Let us know what you think!

Posted 4 months ago 32

Gears 5 Xbox Series X enhancements could be in the works

Phil Spencer shot out an odd tweet overnight, suggesting that The Coalition is working on "enhancements" for Gears 5. While we're not exactly sure what that means, our bet is on an Xbox Series X upgrade.

Posted 4 months ago 24

GDC 2020 postponed until the summer

After a barrage of high-profile dropouts, GDC 2020 has been cancelled. The organizers plan to hold a separate event in the summer. Attendees will be getting full refunds.

Posted 4 months ago 7

The TrueAchievements TADPole Challenge: The Results

Our first TADPole event has come to a close, and it's time to share the winners and the stats from the challenge. We've got a mix of overall community milestones and impressive individual feats to share.

Posted 5 months ago 32