Sean Carey

Sean Carey

Job title:Senior Staff Writer
Joined:July 2019
Bio:Hey, I’m Sean! I joined both TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies as a staff writer in 2019. I’m a big fan of the Metal Gear Solid series and love a good narrative adventure. Most evenings you’ll find me failing to get a win in Call of Duty: Warzone.
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Xbox game releases — September 20th to 26th
Xbox game releases — September 20th to 26th

Well, the games start coming and they don't stop coming... 19 titles are making their way to the Xbox platform next week, including big names such as Lost Judgment, Sable, and Diablo II: Resurrected.

Posted 15 hours ago

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Life is Strange: True Colors review

The latest entry into the Life is Strange series takes us to Haven Springs for an emotional rollercoaster of a story. Check out what Sean thought about the narrative adventure in his Life is Strange: True Colors review.

Posted 11 days ago

Little Nightmares 2 review

If you enjoyed the creepy world of the first Little Nightmares, you'll love Little Nightmares 2. It's a tension-fuelled ride filled with grotesque horrors and wonderfully atmospheric locations. You won't want it to end.

Posted 7 months ago

Hitman 3 review

The final game in the trilogy doesn't deviate much in terms of gameplay when compared to Hitman 2, but more fantastically designed levels, improved visuals, and a fitting conclusion to Agent 47's story makes Hitman 3 a must-play.

Posted 8 months ago

The Falconeer (Xbox Series X) review

With plenty of big-budget games available for Xbox Series X|S at launch, it's easy to skip over the smaller ones. The Falconeer is a good indie title that shouldn't be missed, even if it does fly too close to the sun on occasion.

Posted 10 months ago

Watch Dogs: Legion review

DedSec has made its way across the pond in Watch Dogs: Legion, and while the dystopian London it presents makes for a compelling setting, the game suffers from a flawed gameplay mechanic and legions of bugs.

Posted 11 months ago

Tell Me Why review (spoiler-free)

Tell Me Why's story isn't as emotional as previous Dontnod games, but you'll still find yourself caught up in some of the more intense moments. Here is our spoiler-free review of Dontnod's latest narrative adventure.

Posted 1 year ago

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Ten of the best quick/easy completions

Fed up with quick completions that are awful to play? Here are some great games that also happen to offer some quick and easy Gamerscore, so you can have a good time while watching a number get bigger.

Posted 1 month ago

Are gamers evil?

Gamers, are they evil? We've delved into some achievement and trophy data to find out whether people prefer playing as the altruistic hero or the selfish villain in their games.

Posted 2 months ago

Lemnis Gate preview

Lemnis Gate is chess on steroids with guns. It melds the skill of a first-person shooter with turn-based strategy, and it’s possibly one of the most novel, exciting, and stressful games I have played in a long time.

Posted 3 months ago

Best Xbox Series X|S optimised games

Looking for something to show off the power of your new Xbox Series X|S console? Check out our top five best Xbox Series X|S optimised games available on next-gen consoles.

Posted 9 months ago

Best Xbox multiplayer games

Whether you're looking to play something with your children or family, or you're looking to squad up with your pals, our list of top five multiplayer games has got you covered.

Posted 9 months ago

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