The TA Playlist Team

The TA Playlist Team

The TA Playlist is a monthly community event. Everyone votes on which of four games to play, and then we all play through it in the following month. There's a dedicated hub to discuss everything about the game, from story beats to gameplay tips – and of course, you can track your achievement progress during the month as well. TA Playlist was created by Mark Delaney and is now run by Miles, Nici and Chewie.
Latest news by The TA Playlist Team
TA Playlist game for April 2023 announced

All four of April’s TA Playlist nominees are retro classics, with their original releases making video game history before the Xbox was even born. Take a walk down memory lane with this month’s Retro Revenge winner!

Posted 4 days ago

TA Playlist Wrap-Up: Gears of War 2

February’s TA Playlist game of the month was a 'Two for Two' selection, with Gears of War 2 taking the co-op stage. Check out all the stats and feedback from the community.

Posted 5 days ago

TA Playlist game for March 2023 announced

Get your reflexes ready for the winner of the March 2023 TA Playlist poll, which featured four of the highest-rated Metroidvania games of all time!

Posted 1 month ago

TA Playlist Wrap-Up: Outer Wilds

Join us as we wrap up the TA Playlist game for January, Outer Wilds, with a look at all the stats and feedback from the community.

Posted 1 month ago

TA Playlist game for February 2023 announced

Grab a friend and play the winning 'Two for Two' game (one with a 'two' in the title, which is best enjoyed in co-op) for the February 2023 TA Playlist Game!

Posted 1 month ago

Vote now for February 2023's TA Playlist game

In honour of February’s status as both the second month of the year and the month of love, the TA Playlist poll features four 'Two for Two' games for your co-op pleasure. Vote now for the next TA Playlist game!

Posted 3 months ago

TA Playlist game for January 2023 announced

Four never before chosen games faced off in the January TA Playlist poll, but one game managed to beat the competition. Join us for this month’s featured game, Outer Wilds!

Posted 4 months ago

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