The TA Playlist Team

The TA Playlist Team

The TA Playlist is a monthly community event. Everyone votes on which of four games to play, and then we all play through it in the following month. There's a dedicated hub to discuss everything about the game, from story beats to gameplay tips – and of course, you can track your achievement progress during the month as well. TA Playlist was created by Mark Delaney and is now run by Miles, Nici and Chewie.
Latest news by The TA Playlist Team
TA Playlist game for June 2024 announced

Following up on recent industry news, the June 2024 TA Playlist poll offered up four games from studios that have been shut down recently. Check out the winner and this month’s featured game from Arkane Austin, Prey!

Posted 15 days ago

TA Playlist Wrap-Up — Cocoon

We’ve featured many huge open-world games in recent months, but great games come in all sizes, so for April’s TA Playlist game, we went with a shorter Indie Game Pass gem, the award-winning puzzle game Cocoon.

Posted 16 days ago

Vote now for June 2024's TA Playlist game

Sadly, the video game industry has seen heavy layoffs and studios close over the last couple of years, but we can still celebrate the games they made. Which of these four games from will you choose for the June's TA Playlist?

Posted 24 days ago

TA Playlist game for May 2024 announced

The May 2024 TA Playlist poll offered up four games with recent TV adaptations, including one that’s dominated the discussion for the past few weeks. Check out the winner and this month’s Game of the Month, Fallout 3!

Posted 1 month ago

TA Playlist Wrap-Up – Cyberpunk 2077

Dystopian science fiction often highlights the dangers of technology alongside the potential benefits of a futuristic society. No recent game captures these themes better than our March 2024 TA Playlist game, Cyberpunk 2077.

Posted 1 month ago

Vote now for May 2024's TA Playlist game

The last few years have given us some pretty good TV adaptations of popular video games. Which one will you choose for May 2024's TA Playlist?

Posted 1 month ago

TA Playlist game for April 2024 announced

The votes are in, and it’s time to announce the April 2024 TA Playlist Game of the Month! Which of our highly-rated indie Game Pass gems emerged victorious?

Posted 3 months ago

Vote now for April 2024's TA Playlist game

It’s time to take a break from the huge, blockbuster AAA epics and focus on a shorter experience in April. Which of these indie darlings from Xbox Game Pass will you choose for the April 2024 TA Playlist?

Posted 3 months ago

TA Playlist Wrap-Up – Thief

TA Playlist kicked off 2024 by checking out a game that tried to give a new beginning to a classic franchise. Check out all the stats and community feedback from January’s game, Thief!

Posted 4 months ago

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