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Tom West

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March 2021
Tom has been playing video games since he was old enough to hold a controller, experimenting with a number of systems until he eventually fell in love with Xbox. With a passion for the platform, he decided to make a career out of it, and now happily spends his days writing about that which he loves. If he’s not hunting for Xbox achievements, you’ll likely find him somewhere in The Elder Scrolls Online or fighting for survival in Battlefield.
First-person shooters, RPGs, third-person shooters
Latest news by Tom West
Xbox Game Pass First Impressions: Payday 3

Players can don their masks and jump in for some heisting fun in Payday 3 on Xbox and PC today. Here are our first impressions of Starbreeze's latest shooter.

Posted 3 days ago

Best Xbox zombie games

Zombies might be flesh-hungry creatures that should fill us with fear, but they also happen to be a whole lot of fun to play with — so we've listed a selection of our favourite zombie-slaying games on Xbox.

Posted 1 year ago

Xbox sales: TA Team Picks (April 15th) — Spring Sale 2023

Microsoft has rolled out a huge wave of discounts with the Spring Sale, slashing prices on games across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Here's what the TrueAchievements news team thinks are great pick-ups!

Posted 5 months ago

Everything announced during April's ID@Xbox Showcase

Microsoft's first ID@Xbox Showcase for 2023 featured 11 games from indie developers, including Game Pass hit Vampire Survivors, Coffee Talk Episode 2, and more. Here's everything that was shown.

Posted 5 months ago

Exclusive: Dead Island 2 achievements revealed

Dead Island 2 is set to launch later this month on April 21st, offering us a fresh adventure in post-apocalyptic LA as Dambuster reboots the series. We can now exclusively reveal 27 Dead Island 2 Xbox achievements.

Posted 5 months ago

Xbox sales: TA Team Picks (March 25th)

Microsoft's Xbox sales are in full swing again this week, slashing prices on games and DLC on Xbox and PC with Ubisoft, EA, and Critically Acclaimed sales. Here's what the TrueAchievements news team think are great deals.

Posted 6 months ago

Xbox sales: TA Team Picks (March 18th)

This week's Xbox sales have a focus on Square Enix, EA, and Capcom games alongside a Publisher Spotlight Sale highlighting discounts across Xbox and PC. Here are the TrueAchievements news team's top picks.

Posted 6 months ago

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Latest reviews by Tom West
Blacktail review

Blacktail launches on Xbox Series X|S today, taking us on a fantastical adventure filled with feisty mushrooms, untalkative stones, and a war-obsessed ant queen. Here are our thoughts on Baba's search for her sister.

Posted 9 months ago

Gungrave G.O.R.E review

Gungrave G.O.R.E launches on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Game Pass today, bringing the explosive third-person action from the early 2000s to a new generation. Here are our thoughts on this return of the cult franchise.

Posted 10 months ago

Evil West review

Evil West blasts onto Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One tomorrow, offering up a blend of famed Old West tropes with challenging vampire and monster slaying in linear story-focused gameplay. Here are our thoughts.

Posted 10 months ago

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed review

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed takes the rising popularity of asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay and blends it with the wackiness of its source material. Tom grabbed his Proton Pack and had a go at ghostbusting for himself...

Posted 11 months ago

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Latest editorials by Tom West
Dead Island 2 Slayers guide: Who should you take to Hell-A?

Dead Island 2 launches on Xbox today, offering up six wildly different Slayers for you to carve your way through Hell-A with. We've had a chance to play with each of them to find out which ones are slaughterers supreme.

Posted 5 months ago

State of Play: Battlefield 2042

It's been over a year since DICE launched Battlefield 2042 to a less-than-favourable reception, and after numerous updates and a launch into EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate, we decided to return to see how it's faring.

Posted 5 months ago

Dead Island 2 preview: Zombie slaying is Hell-A good

We took a trip to the sun-kissed and blood-soaked streets of Beverly Hills and Bel-Air to put our zombie-slaying skills to the test during our recent Dead Island 2 preview — and it was a blast!

Posted 6 months ago

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