TrueAssassin86x's Bean Dive

Games Dived in this Bean Dive

Game First Achievement Dived
Grand Theft Auto IV Grand Theft Auto IV Off The Boat Off The BoatYou have completed the first mission. 11 Jul at 11:39
Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Paid in Fyrestone Paid in FyrestoneCompleted 5 missions in the Arid Badlands 18 Jul at 21:28
Metro Exodus Metro Exodus Martian MartianPatched the Gasmask. 29 Jul at 14:55
Madden NFL 20 Madden NFL 20 This is My Ultimate Team This is My Ultimate TeamCreate a MUT Team. 02 Aug at 17:16
Hue Hue Aquacadabra AquacadabraUnlock aqua colour 22 Aug at 14:00
Blair Witch Blair Witch The idol The idolCollect the first wooden doll. 01 Sep at 13:49