Evil Genie's Bean Dive

Games Dived in this Bean Dive

Game First Achievement Dived
Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10) Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10) First Star First StarEarned your first Star (in any mode). 01 Jul at 13:35
Rare Replay Rare Replay Theater Patron Theater PatronFilled up your first Ticket with Stamps. 03 Jul at 18:45
Refunct Refunct Secret Achievement Secret AchievementContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 03 Jul at 18:50
Polychromatic Polychromatic Secret Achievement Secret AchievementContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 03 Jul at 18:51
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 TUTORIAL 1 TUTORIAL 1Clear area 1 in TUTORIAL! 03 Jul at 19:04
Penarium Penarium You have seen nothing yet.. You have seen nothing yet..You have died at least 5 times in any single player mode. 03 Jul at 19:08
Shred It! Shred It! Second Stager Second StagerSecond stage reached! 03 Jul at 19:22
Word Puzzle Word Puzzle Ace Beginner Ace BeginnerGet "5 Combos" in Arcade mode 03 Jul at 19:35
Torchlight Torchlight Shape-Shifter Shape-ShifterChange your pet by feeding it fish 03 Jul at 19:44
Thunder Wolves Thunder Wolves Firsties! Firsties!Complete the first main mission objective. 03 Jul at 19:49
Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Kicking the tires Kicking the tiresComplete the Single Player tutorial mission. 03 Jul at 19:55
Small Arms Small Arms Combo x2 Combo x2Awarded for a 2x Kill Combo 03 Jul at 19:59
Red Faction: Battlegrounds Red Faction: Battlegrounds Helping hands Helping handsComplete Your First Local Multiplayer Game 04 Jul at 18:12
Pac-Man Championship Edition Pac-Man Championship Edition Sparkster SparksterEmit sparks for 1 second! 04 Jul at 18:24
Soltrio Solitaire Soltrio Solitaire Craftsman CraftsmanAssemble 5 different custom card decks. 04 Jul at 18:31
Sonic the Fighters Sonic the Fighters Honey the Cat Honey the CatUse Honey the Cat in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus (Press START on Amy and select) 04 Jul at 18:33
QIX++ QIX++ Fledgling Marker Fledgling MarkerDefeated a total of 5 QIX. 04 Jul at 18:43
Pac-Man Museum Pac-Man Museum Game Sampler Game SamplerPlay 9 different games. 04 Jul at 19:05
Prince of Persia Classic Prince of Persia Classic THE LOST WEAPON THE LOST WEAPONYou acquired the sword in the prison. 04 Jul at 19:10
Monster Jam Battlegrounds Monster Jam Battlegrounds Got Some Skills Got Some SkillsEarn your first Skill Driving victory. 04 Jul at 19:13
Crystal Quest Crystal Quest Crystal Rookie Crystal RookieScore 250,000 points 04 Jul at 19:24
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Pretty Picture Pretty PictureUnlocked a Castle Painting. 04 Jul at 19:40
CAPCOM Arcade Cabinet CAPCOM Arcade Cabinet AAA AAASet a new record on the High Score table. 04 Jul at 19:53
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Complete Homeworld Complete HomeworldCompleted the homeworld. 04 Jul at 20:10
Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy Andy Champion Andy ChampionAwarded for completion of Andy the Angel Fish levels. 04 Jul at 20:27
Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown Mega Frenzy Mega FrenzyAwarded for reaching the maximum FRENZY multiplier in a single player game 05 Jul at 00:48
Alien Hominid HD Alien Hominid HD Alien in Training Alien in TrainingComplete Level 1-1 of the game. 05 Jul at 01:10
Axel & Pixel Axel & Pixel Good Start! Good Start!Complete first chapter. 05 Jul at 01:46
ARKANOID Live! ARKANOID Live! The Nimble Vaus The Nimble VausBusted 10 blocks as Mini-Vaus. 05 Jul at 02:08
Blood Knights Blood Knights Burn them down! Burn them down!Kill 10 enemies with an explosive barrel 05 Jul at 04:36
Animated Puzzles Star (Win 10) Animated Puzzles Star (Win 10) Checker CheckerComplete the dandelion puzzle like a checker board. Begins with top left corner. (Normal difficulty) 06 Jul at 03:27
Cosmo Run (Win 10) Cosmo Run (Win 10) Secret Achievement Secret AchievementContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 08 Jul at 05:53
Endless Skater (Win 8) Endless Skater (Win 8) Grind 500 Grind 500Grind a total of 500 meters in any run! 08 Jul at 14:20
Monster Go! (Win 8) Monster Go! (Win 8) Change of plan Change of planReset all skill points once 08 Jul at 15:09
Throne Together (Win 8) Throne Together (Win 8) Join the Circus Join the CircusSimultaneously juggled 7 blocks in play at the same time 08 Jul at 15:17
iStunt 2 (Win 8) iStunt 2 (Win 8) Graduation GraduationCompleted Tutorials. 08 Jul at 15:24
Assassin's Creed Pirates (Win 8) Assassin's Creed Pirates (Win 8) Master of the Seas Master of the SeasDestroy your first enemy ship 08 Jul at 15:34
Fallout Shelter Fallout Shelter Mattress Stuffer Mattress StufferCollected 1,000 Caps 08 Jul at 16:03
2020: My Country (Win 10) 2020: My Country (Win 10) First Million First MillionMarvelous! We're raking in the moolah! 08 Jul at 16:33
Forza Motorsport 6: Apex (Win 10) Forza Motorsport 6: Apex (Win 10) Welcome to Forza Motorsport Welcome to Forza MotorsportComplete your first race. 08 Jul at 19:25
ilomilo plus (Win 8) ilomilo plus (Win 8) Meet Up Meet UpCompleted a level 08 Jul at 19:36
Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Win 8) Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Win 8) Splish Splash Splish SplashEarn a bronze or better in any Single Player event. 08 Jul at 19:44
The Walking Dead: Michonne (Win 10) The Walking Dead: Michonne (Win 10) Remember Me Remember MeCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 1 09 Jul at 00:05
Hungry Shark Evolution (Win 8) Hungry Shark Evolution (Win 8) Reef Shark Reef SharkComplete Super Mission 1 using Reef shark. 09 Jul at 15:22
Shadow Complex Remastered Shadow Complex Remastered To Kill a Blackbird To Kill a BlackbirdDestroy the helicopter attacking the vice president 09 Jul at 15:30
Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8) Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8) Safety First Safety FirstMade a run without hitting anything 09 Jul at 16:26
Gin Rummy Gin Rummy Gin Winner Gin WinnerWin 1 round by going Gin 10 Jul at 02:00
Texas Hold'em Texas Hold'em I'm All In! I'm All In!Win an 'All In' bet. 10 Jul at 02:11
101 Ways to Die 101 Ways to Die Chained ChainedPerform your first combo 10 Jul at 02:27
Binaries Binaries Just the Beginning Just the BeginningBlue and Orange have died 50 times between them. 10 Jul at 02:32
Monday Night Combat Monday Night Combat Hot Streak Hot StreakAchieved a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire match 10 Jul at 02:36
Military Madness: Nectaris Military Madness: Nectaris Too Easy Too EasyWin a Ranked Match without selecting any Commander Customization. 10 Jul at 02:44
Military Madness: Nectaris Military Madness: Nectaris Search and Destroy Search and DestroyWin a Ranked Match by destroying all enemy squads or by your opponent surrendering. 10 Jul at 02:44
Hardwood Backgammon Hardwood Backgammon Backgammon Beginner Backgammon BeginnerWin a total of 10 games. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play. 10 Jul at 02:53
Hardwood Backgammon Hardwood Backgammon Online Gammoner Online GammonerComplete 10 games in Xbox Live play. 10 Jul at 02:53
Hardwood Backgammon Hardwood Backgammon Mini Streaker Mini StreakerWin 10 consecutive games. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play. 10 Jul at 02:53
ABZÛ ABZÛ Breach BreachLeap from the water. 11 Jul at 18:18
Asphalt 7: Heat (Win 8) Asphalt 7: Heat (Win 8) HOT HAND HOT HANDWin 3 online events in a row 12 Jul at 18:43
Dungeon Hunter 5 (Win 8) Dungeon Hunter 5 (Win 8) Not So Immortal Not So ImmortalDestroy the Immortal Gatekeepers. 13 Jul at 13:54
BloodRayne: Betrayal BloodRayne: Betrayal The Last Bullet The Last BulletKill 5 enemies with a single gunshot. 14 Jul at 01:42
Dead Space: Ignition Dead Space: Ignition Trace Element Trace ElementSuccessfully completed a Trace Route hack in any single player mode. 14 Jul at 02:03
Discs Of Tron Discs Of Tron Fearless FearlessDerezz Sark 4 times without using your deflector. 14 Jul at 02:14
Double Dragon Neon Double Dragon Neon Skullmageddon's Curse Skullmageddon's CurseNyah ha ha! Now finish what you have started! 14 Jul at 02:16
Earthworm Jim HD Earthworm Jim HD Snot an Achievement Snot an AchievementLaunch the cow in New Junk City 14 Jul at 02:18
Encleverment Experiment Encleverment Experiment Test Taker Test TakerComplete a Single Player Test 14 Jul at 02:28
Joe Danger: Special Edition Joe Danger: Special Edition SHARE THE FUN! SHARE THE FUN!Send 1 level to a friend 14 Jul at 02:33
Joe Danger 2: The Movie Joe Danger 2: The Movie First Day on Set! First Day on Set!Finished your second level 14 Jul at 02:37
Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Win First Race Win First RaceWin First Race 14 Jul at 02:43
GripShift GripShift Barrel Roll Barrel RollDo a Barrel Roll & land on track. 14 Jul at 02:58
Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion Orc Warrior Orc WarriorKill 100 enemies. 14 Jul at 18:19
Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition (Xbox 360) Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition (Xbox 360) Deja Marty Deja MartyPerfectly repeated dialog while repeating Doc's temporal experiment. 14 Jul at 18:38
BATMAN – The Telltale Series (Xbox 360) BATMAN – The Telltale Series (Xbox 360) Welcome to Gotham Welcome to GothamCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 1 14 Jul at 18:59
Banjo-Tooie Banjo-Tooie Knocked Out Klungo Knocked Out KlungoBeat Klungo. 14 Jul at 19:08
Mafia III Mafia III Next Time Swim Faster Next Time Swim FasterGot eaten by an alligator 14 Jul at 23:43
I, Zombie I, Zombie Non omnis moriar Non omnis moriarTurn a human into zombie 14 Jul at 23:46
Hue Hue Aquacadabra AquacadabraUnlock aqua colour 14 Jul at 23:49
Level 22 Level 22 WELCOME WELCOMEWelcome to level 22 ! 14 Jul at 23:51
7 Days to Die 7 Days to Die Cause He's The Ax Man Cause He's The Ax ManCraft your first Stone Ax 15 Jul at 17:49
Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax Without a scratch Without a scratchBeat a campaign level without taking health damage 18 Jul at 04:47
Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax Rocky Road Rocky RoadBeat Asteroid Field level in Campaign mode with any difficulty preset. 18 Jul at 04:47
Monochroma Monochroma Get Drowned Get DrownedCongrats, you killed yourself in a new way. 19 Jul at 02:32
Castle Invasion: Throne Out Castle Invasion: Throne Out Secret Achievement Secret AchievementContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 20 Jul at 04:08
Blood of the Werewolf Blood of the Werewolf Rookie RookieComplete 1 Quest. 21 Jul at 05:00
Bard's Gold Bard's Gold I believe in reincarnation I believe in reincarnationDie 5 Times 22 Jul at 21:46
Breach & Clear: Deadline Breach & Clear: Deadline Boom Goes The Dynamite Boom Goes The DynamiteUse a grenade. 22 Jul at 21:59
DOOM DOOM Threat Assessment Threat AssessmentDetect 20 enemies using the Threat Pulse in Multiplayer 23 Jul at 03:43
Domino Master Domino Master Mega Player Mega PlayerWin 5 rounds in a row 23 Jul at 15:30
Domino Master Domino Master Real Win Real WinWin a multi-player game 23 Jul at 15:30
Enemy Front Enemy Front Soldier SoldierPlayed any Multiplayer match 23 Jul at 15:39
Fireburst Fireburst Don'T Touch Me! Don'T Touch Me!Win A Race Without Getting Killed. 24 Jul at 05:10
Coffin Dodgers Coffin Dodgers During The War… During The War…Run over an opponent’s fallen body. 27 Jul at 04:13
Bomberman Live: Battlefest Bomberman Live: Battlefest Explorerman ExplorermanYou came, you saw, you've played a game on every arena! 30 Jul at 15:46
Energy Cycle Energy Cycle Level 3 Completed Level 3 CompletedPart of the cycle is complete 31 Jul at 03:20
Save the Ninja Clan Save the Ninja Clan Beat Level One Beat Level OneBeat the first level 01 Aug at 11:33
The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Assist Attack Assist AttackPerform an assist attack ( Arcade Play Only ). 05 Aug at 03:04
Anomaly: Warzone Earth Anomaly: Warzone Earth First Blood First BloodDestroy 10 Towers 07 Aug at 18:38
Saints Row Saints Row Canonized CanonizedJoined the 3rd Street Saints. 07 Aug at 18:52
Nin²-Jump Nin²-Jump FUJIYAMA FUJIYAMACleared World 1 in Adventure Mode. 07 Aug at 19:29
Mad Tracks Mad Tracks Treasure hunt Treasure huntYou found 5 golden flags in 'Black out'. We hope you had a good visit! 08 Aug at 00:45
Metal Slug XX Metal Slug XX Mission 1 Clear Mission 1 ClearClear the 1st mission. 08 Aug at 00:55