Ultimate Head to Head 1 Period 1

angelsk Daffadillon
Game Achievement TA GS Ratio 8 0
Tales of Vesperia (EU) Eureka! Eureka!You used Synthesis to create new equipment and items. Keep it up! 11 (10) 1.10
The Walking Dead: Season Two Long Way Down Long Way DownWitnessed a murder. 22 (20) 1.10 Ratio at time of unlock:
Eternal Sonata (EU) Unlocked Party Level 3 Unlocked Party Level 3Party Level 3 can now be selected. 11 (10) 1.13
Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition Down and Dirty Down and Dirty15 finishers performed. 17 (15) 1.15
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (EU) Intimidator IntimidatorIntimidate someone. 18 (15) 1.17 Ratio at time of unlock:
Portal: Still Alive Saw That One Coming Saw That One ComingCause a rocket sentry to destroy its own rocket when the rocket has been redirected back towards it. 6 (5) 1.17 Ratio at time of unlock:
Sleeping Dogs Minor Face Minor FaceAchieve Face Level 2. 6 (5) 1.18 Ratio at time of unlock:
Ori and the Blind Forest A New Path A New PathOpened 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame 12 (10) 1.21
Saints Row: The Third Ow My Balls! Ow My Balls!Did your first nutshot and testicle assault, sack tapping is bad news kids! 12 (10) 1.22 Ratio at time of unlock:
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (AU/EU) New Recruit New RecruitCleared 3 missions. 19 (15) 1.28
Fallout 3 Scientific Pursuits Scientific PursuitsCompleted "Scientific Pursuits" 26 (20) 1.31
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Death Of A Salesman Death Of A SalesmanComplete memory sequence 5. 27 (20) 1.37 Ratio at time of unlock:
Charlie Murder I'm an Exorcist I'm an ExorcistDefeat Beelzebaal. 15 (10) 1.47 Ratio at time of unlock:
The Bridge (Xbox 360) Corridor-Inverter Corridor-InverterComplete The Corridor with 3 inversions. 19 (13) 1.49 Ratio at time of unlock:
Dishonored This Is Mine This Is MineYou recovered your belongings 15 (10) 1.51
Final Fantasy XIII Instrument of Faith Instrument of FaithDefied destiny's charge and embarked on a different path. 49 (30) 1.64
Sonic The Hedgehog (Arcade) Fast Marble Fast MarbleYou beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds. 28 (15) 1.86
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Concubine Savior Concubine SaviorSave all the Concubines in Memory Sequence 9. 113 (50) 2.26
Child of Eden If The Spirit Moves You If The Spirit Moves YouCleared the Passion Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode. 79 (30) 2.62
So Many Me Vengeance VengeanceDefeat the rival 179 (50) 3.58
Max Unique TA Ratio 0 0
Last unlock 19 Mar 2016 at 13:39