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planting42 planting42 25,692 620,293 1,090,397 25,733 620,848 1,090,997 41 555 600
Eliminated in 188th position, 3,275 TA below safety 41 555 600
Best Achievements This Period TA
planting42 Gears of War 4 I'm On Fire! I'm On Fire!You've proved you're a true Grub Killer with a positive KD ratio. 126
planting42 The Flame in the Flood Terraphobia TerraphobiaYou travelled 10 miles on the river without stopping. 85
planting42 Neverwinter I'm a Lumberjack I'm a LumberjackYou chopped down 25 trees in Lonelywood with a single character. 81
planting42 Boss 101 What Were You Thinking? What Were You Thinking?Press the Do Not Press Button Seven Times 55
planting42 Boss 101 The Briny Deep The Briny DeepPass Level 10 and Jolly Rog3r 51
planting42 Boss 101 Top of the Class Top of the ClassListened to all BERL's tutorials 46
planting42 Gears of War 4 Ribbonator RibbonatorEarned 5 Ribbons 24
planting42 Mass Effect: Andromeda Pinpoint Shot Pinpoint ShotHit 250 enemy weak points while using a scope. (Single-Player) 23
planting42 Boss 101 Now You Know Now You KnowListen to all kite hill dialogs 22
planting42 Mass Effect: Andromeda Icebreaker IcebreakerShatter a frozen enemy with a jump melee attack. (Single-Player) 22

planting421,180,971 (672,736)Vermont

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