Night's PrideNight's Pride

Period ends: 3 days 01 hrs 43 mins 08 secs

Start Current Period
Mikhail Krauser Mikhail Krauser 19,681 504,425 933,432 19,816 507,398 938,140 135 2,973 4,709
ChinDocta ChinDocta 15,730 480,904 783,484 15,750 481,500 786,220 20 596 2,736
10th position, 6,096 TA above drop 155 3,569 7,445
Best Achievements This Period TA
ChinDocta Tennis World Tour Number 1 Number 1You have become world No. 1 in Career mode. 995
ChinDocta Tennis World Tour Don't miss a single coach! Don't miss a single coach!You have unlocked all the basic coaches. 563
ChinDocta Tennis World Tour This is just the beginning This is just the beginningYou have reached level 30. 469
ChinDocta Tennis World Tour In good company In good companyYou have unlocked all the basic agents. 398
Mikhail Krauser Zombie Party Sick Score! Sick Score!Break 10,000,000 points! 315
Mikhail Krauser Zombie Party Filthy Rich! Filthy Rich!Have at least 25,000 gold in your bank account. 301
ChinDocta Tennis World Tour Strategist StrategistYou have filled your 5 skill slots. 188
ChinDocta Tennis World Tour Patron PatronYou have won a charity tournament in Career mode. 188
Mikhail Krauser Zombie Party A Modest Living! A Modest Living!Have at least 10,000 gold in your bank account. 178
Mikhail Krauser Zombie Party Pro Score! Pro Score!Break 5,000,000 points! 169

Night's Pride Activity Feed

Mikhail KrauserUnit 4
Mikhail Krauser won 3 Achievements in Unit 4 for 23 points
Mikhail KrauserUnit 4Mikhail Krauser started the game Unit 4
Mikhail KrauserHalo: The Master Chief Collection
Mikhail Krauser won 14 Achievements in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for 299 points
Mikhail KrauserVestaMikhail Krauser started the game Vesta
Mikhail KrauserTrine 2Mikhail Krauser started the game Trine 2
Mikhail KrauserWatch_Dogs 2Mikhail Krauser started the game Watch_Dogs 2
Mikhail KrauserWar WorldMikhail Krauser started the game War World
Mikhail KrauserWorms W.M.D.
Mikhail Krauser won 2 Achievements in Worms W.M.D. for 65 points
Mikhail KrauserWorms W.M.D.Mikhail Krauser started the game Worms W.M.D.
Mikhail KrauserWRC 5Mikhail Krauser started the game WRC 5
Mikhail KrauserYooka-LayleeMikhail Krauser started the game Yooka-Laylee