Night's PrideNight's Pride

Start Current Period
Mikhail Krauser Mikhail Krauser 21,013 552,147 1,021,042 21,155 557,153 1,028,715 142 5,006 7,673
ChinDocta ChinDocta 17,624 550,024 894,225 17,690 552,079 899,560 66 2,055 5,335
Eliminated in 34th position, 216 TA below safety 208 7,061 13,007
Best Achievements This Period TA
ChinDocta Dead Cells Do you need... A hand?? Bahaha! Do you need... A hand?? Bahaha!Beat the Hand of the King without taking a single hit. 506
ChinDocta So Many Me Lumos LumosTurn on every light in Chrono Castle 348
ChinDocta Dead Cells I like to live dangerously… I like to live dangerously…Against all odds, you finished the game with the Cursed Sword! 327
Mikhail Krauser Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast The One The OneFinish at least 65 scenes online 284
ChinDocta Minecraft (iOS) Moskstraumen MoskstraumenActivate a Conduit 266
ChinDocta The Magic Circle: Gold Edition Quality Assurance Quality AssuranceHell hath no fury like a tester scorned. 260
Mikhail Krauser Fuse Overstrike Elite Overstrike EliteComplete all missions on Lethal. 230
ChinDocta Dead Cells What? There's nothing wrong with these... What? There's nothing wrong with these...Finish the game with the starter sword, bow or shield. 230
Mikhail Krauser Goat Simulator (Xbox 360) Elfstreet Boys Elfstreet BoysBaa with the choir 188
Mikhail Krauser Goat Simulator (Xbox 360) Music Non Stop Music Non StopJump on the launchpad 171