Start Current Period
Whtthfgg Whtthfgg 9,639 255,973 404,828 9,684 256,817 406,353 45 844 1,524
thetominator177 thetominator177 3,739 130,514 161,556 3,751 130,830 162,486 12 316 929
Bonuses Value
Cup o Joe - End the scoring period having unlocked at least 2 achievements flagged 'Time Consuming'. Both teammates must complete this. Cup o Joe used by Whtthfgg 2,000
Cohesion - End the scoring period with the same gamerscore and achievement gains as your teammate. Cohesion used by Whtthfgg 2,000
Achieveaphobia - Given to the team with the least achievements unlocked this period Achieveaphobia used by Whtthfgg 2,000
Eliminated in 57th position, 3,741 TA below safety 57 1,160 8,453
Best Achievements This Period TA
thetominator177 Gems of War Team Synergy Team SynergyComplete all guild tasks in a single week 204
thetominator177 Gems of War We are the Champions We are the ChampionsGet to Champion Level 50 in a Single Class 200
Whtthfgg Dynamite Fishing - World Games Smoking Engines & Burning Wheels Smoking Engines & Burning WheelsWin matches with the Aqua Chopper! 167
Whtthfgg Dynamite Fishing - World Games Do it yourself Do it yourselfWin a scenario without filling up your combo bar! 118
Whtthfgg Conga Master Insane Combo Skills! Insane Combo Skills!Perform a x8 combo 117
thetominator177 Gems of War Now This is a Knife Now This is a KnifeUse a Weapon's Spell with an Affix 115
Whtthfgg Conga Master The Conga Is Out There The Conga Is Out ThereClear UFO Party 87
thetominator177 Gems of War I Have the Power I Have the PowerReach Kingdom Power Level 5 78
thetominator177 Unmechanical: Extended We Need to Go Deeper We Need to Go DeeperNo way out, but forward. 68
Whtthfgg Conga Master Pin Pals Pin PalsClear Lucky Strike Disco Bowling 66