Start Current Period
Big Ell Big Ell 13,691 333,141 611,918 13,724 334,340 613,777 33 1,199 1,859
Bonuses Value
Not Normal! - End the scoring period with Gamerscore earned & number of Achievements earned not divisible by 5 Not Normal! used by Big Ell 1,000
That's Just Mean - End the scoring period with double the ratio earned during the previous period (if you ended with a 1.5, you now need a 3.0) That's Just Mean used by Big Ell 1,000
Raise the Bar - End the scoring period having unlocked at least 5,000TA (solo) Raise the Bar used by Big Ell 1,000
Eliminated in 117th position, 175 TA below safety 33 1,199 4,859
Best Achievements This Period TA
Big Ell Band Hero Treasure Hunt Treasure HuntFound the pot of gold 772
Big Ell Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Egypt Complete Egypt CompleteDefeated Sandman. Found all collectibles and secrets. 151
Big Ell Virginia Doam DoamBis! 124
Big Ell Evolve Get Off My Planet Get Off My PlanetWin Evacuation as a Monster 91
Big Ell Wheel of Fortune (Xbox 360) What A Fortune! What A Fortune!Won $1M total 80
Big Ell Evolve Mud Monster Mud MonsterWin a match having spent most of your time in Sneak outside of the Tutorials 75
Big Ell Evolve Natural Selection Natural SelectionComplete an entire Evacuation campaign without dying 69
Big Ell Portal: Still Alive Vanilla Crazy Cake Vanilla Crazy CakeBeat all advanced chambers 58
Big Ell Evolve Unbeatable UnbeatableWin a match as a Monster without doing damage to the Hunters until Stage 3 outside of the Tutorials 56
Big Ell Band Hero World Known World Known3/4 of the way there 48

Big Ell692,883 (388,468)New York

So proud of making it to Episode 20 of the Achievement Hunting 101 podcast!

Big Ell has won 15,211 Achievements and 51 Challenges in 733 games and 10 apps

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Big Ell