Start Current Period
Matrarch Matrarch 17,650 405,360 727,425 17,674 406,184 728,456 24 824 1,031
Bonuses Value
Ayudame - This is a gift from me to you. It will help you when you are feeling down. Really. Ayudame used by Matrarch 1,000
Gotta Have My Pops - End the scoring period with at least double the achievement total earned during the previous period Gotta Have My Pops used by Matrarch 1,000
Safety Bench - This 2K TA boost is given to any Individual upon completion of their first bonus. Use it when you need a pick-me-up. Safety Bench used by Matrarch 2,000
Eliminated in 114th position, 3 TA below safety 24 824 5,031
Best Achievements This Period TA
Matrarch Death Squared Did More Than Enough Did More Than EnoughCompleted 60 story levels 180
Matrarch Virginia Doam DoamBis! 124
Matrarch Death Squared Super Secret Super SecretFound a secret item 119
Matrarch Lilith-M Serious obsession Serious obsessionClear 15 levels perfectly to get 116
Matrarch Evolve Mud Monster Mud MonsterWin a match having spent most of your time in Sneak outside of the Tutorials 75
Matrarch Lilith-M Cultivate virgin soil Cultivate virgin soilClear chapter 2 to get 71
Matrarch Lilith-M In time In timeClear 10 levels within the specified time to get 70
Matrarch Lilith-M I can feel your love I can feel your loveBeen killed for 100 times to get 67
Matrarch Lilith-M Obsession ObsessionClear 5 levels perfectly to get 66
Matrarch Death Squared Solid Friendship Solid FriendshipCompleted 10 Party levels 63

Matrarch789,318 (442,372)New York

Achievement Hunting 101 put out its 20th episode this week! Maybe it's time to blog again!

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