Start Current Period
ChewieOnIce ChewieOnIce 11,664 292,753 436,416 11,711 293,818 438,096 47 1,065 1,680
Bonuses Value
Safety Bench - This 2K TA boost is given to any Individual upon completion of their first bonus. Use it when you need a pick-me-up. Safety Bench used by ChewieOnIce 2,000
Eliminated in 195th position, 277 TA below safety 47 1,065 3,680
Best Achievements This Period TA
ChewieOnIce Stranglehold God of Guns God of GunsWin a multiplayer match without using a Tequila Bomb. 91
ChewieOnIce Stranglehold Testikill TestikillIn multiplayer, kill an opponent with a precision aim crotch shot. 91
ChewieOnIce Stranglehold Bulletproof BulletproofWin a multiplayer match without using a health pack. 91
ChewieOnIce Draw a Stickman: EPIC The Path Is Clear The Path Is ClearCollect all 9 map pieces 68
ChewieOnIce Draw a Stickman: EPIC Orcist OrcistDefeat every goblin in Pirate's Booty Boneyard 51
ChewieOnIce Stranglehold Killing Spree Killing SpreeGet 5 kills in a row without dying in a Multiplayer ranked match 51
ChewieOnIce Draw a Stickman: EPIC Fright Club Fright ClubHave Stickenstein beat up 5 zombies in Maze the Dead 51
ChewieOnIce Quantum Break Focus. Aim. Pull. Focus. Aim. Pull.You put a bullet in 10 heads while using Dodge Focus. 48
ChewieOnIce Quantum Break Frozen Lead Frozen LeadYou stacked a total of 1000 bullets with Time Stop. 43
ChewieOnIce Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Biochemist BiochemistCollected 1000000 Furon DNA. 38

ChewieOnIce461,460 (309,908)England

Urg, three achievements failed to unlock last night through BC - only showing on the game and console - hoping they sync!

ChewieOnIce has won 12,375 Achievements and 1 Challenge in 675 games and 2 apps

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