Start Current Period
Jess Stryker Jess Stryker 19,261 495,675 809,166 19,288 497,775 811,634 27 2,100 2,467
Bonuses Value
On the DL - End the scoring period with ratio under 1.2 On the DL used by Jess Stryker 1,000
Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - End the scoring period having unlocked at least 10 achievements flagged 'Missible' Don't Wanna Miss a Thing used by Jess Stryker 1,000
Eliminated in 138th position, 942 TA below safety 27 2,100 4,467
Best Achievements This Period TA
Jess Stryker Wheelspin Frenzy Champion ChampionWon the competition of 20 tracks 261
Jess Stryker Danger Zone Bringing Home The Money Bringing Home The MoneyComplete Tier 3 166
Jess Stryker Wheelspin Frenzy Mountaineer MountaineerUnlocked and completed all Mountain tracks 153
Jess Stryker Wheelspin Frenzy Road Hog Road HogUnlocked and completed all Racetracks 152
Jess Stryker Danger Zone Tier 2 Complete Tier 2 CompleteComplete Tier 2 149
Jess Stryker Wheelspin Frenzy Jack Frost Jack FrostUnlocked and completed all Winterland tracks 148
Jess Stryker Ink INKoming INKomingDidn't see me coming now, did ya? 138
Jess Stryker Wheelspin Frenzy Sunday Driver Sunday DriverUnlocked and completed all Countryside tracks 132
Jess Stryker Super Destronaut DX Challenge me Challenge meComplete 12 challenges 81
Jess Stryker Super Destronaut DX Excellent ExcellentReach to 100K points in Classic Mode 81

Jess Stryker876,123 (540,355)Pennsylvania

Topped my previous best during the summer. Looking for 100k gamerscore by the end of the year.

Jess Stryker has won 20,641 Achievements and 20 Challenges in 1056 games and 15 apps

Registered on 23 Jun 10 | On site now | Last scanned today at 21:06 by TA Pro Scanner 2

Deaf To All But Song
Jess Stryker