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Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh Munkeh 31,869 886,007 1,582,366 31,888 886,342 1,582,512 19 335 146
Eliminated in 317th position, 3,247 TA below safety 19 335 146
Best Achievements This Period TA
Chunkeh Munkeh Rocket League Coming On Strong Coming On StrongScore or Assist a combined 30 goals or assists in Casual or Competitive Online matches 132
Chunkeh Munkeh Boss 101 What Were You Thinking? What Were You Thinking?Press the Do Not Press Button Seven Times 55
Chunkeh Munkeh Boss 101 General Mayhem General MayhemTop Local Score on Tank War 28
Chunkeh Munkeh Boss 101 Deconstructed DeconstructedTop Local Score on Breakdown 24
Chunkeh Munkeh Boss 101 Now You Know Now You KnowListen to all kite hill dialogs 22
Chunkeh Munkeh Boss 101 Wizard of Mazes Wizard of MazesTop Local Score on Mazard 21
Chunkeh Munkeh Portal Knights Fledgling FledglingComplete all Tutorial Parts. 19
Chunkeh Munkeh Monster Slayers Boss Slain Boss SlainDefeated a Boss 17
Chunkeh Munkeh Portal Knights Level Up! Level Up!Level Up for the first time. 17
Chunkeh Munkeh Subaeria One little drink for the road One little drink for the roadUnlock Dizzy Tipsy 17

Chunkeh Munkeh1,701,994 (962,491)Wales

Crash Bandicoot 3 is absolute garbage compared to the first 2. So glad to almost be done with it.

Chunkeh Munkeh has won 34,368 Achievements and 47 Challenges in 2416 games and 13 apps

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Chunkeh Munkeh