Super SandwichesSuper Sandwiches

Start Current Period
Matrarch Matrarch 17,579 400,904 721,006 17,650 405,360 727,425 71 4,456 6,418
Big Ell Big Ell 13,608 329,050 607,215 13,691 333,141 611,918 83 4,091 4,704
Eliminated in 60th position, 241 TA below safety 154 8,547 11,122
Best Achievements This Period TA
Matrarch Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight (Xbox 360) Winter Levels Complete Winter Levels CompleteFinish all Winter levels 847
Matrarch Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Pure Intellect Pure IntellectSolved 50 puzzles. 237
Big Ell Jump, Step, Step Perfect run Perfect runComplete one run of the game without dying 231
Matrarch The Path of Motus 100% Completion 100% CompletionCollect all items and discover every location. 226
Matrarch Turtle's Quest (Win 10) Handsomely HandsomelyTook down a sailor, ran, hide and retrieved the fire and steel. 224
Matrarch Death Squared Cleanest Run Cleanest RunCompleted 9 levels in a row without dying 141
Matrarch Death Squared Die Heaps Die HeapsDied 200 times. 124
Matrarch Death Squared Hurt Locker Hurt LockerDied 50 times in a single level 121
Matrarch Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Destroying the Horde Destroying the HordeDefeated 200 threats. 120
Matrarch Virginia Fever FeverTo me the meanest flower that blows can give, thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears 119