Warriors of RockWarriors of Rock

Period ends: 4 days 15 hrs 25 mins 54 secs

Start Current Period
MarketingPurse0 MarketingPurse0 21,385 577,831 991,989 21,441 580,591 994,871 56 2,760 2,882
cyberber cyberber 22,600 586,770 1,104,258 22,622 587,965 1,105,963 22 1,195 1,705
16th position, 4,140 TA above drop 78 3,955 4,588
Best Achievements This Period TA
MarketingPurse0 Uncanny Valley Getaway GetawayEscape the facility alone with gangsters dead. 187
cyberber Country Dance All Stars Long Time Scootin Long Time ScootinPlay the game for a cumulative time of at least 10 hours 176
cyberber Country Dance All Stars A Friendly Face A Friendly FacePlay 20 songs in any scored game mode in 2-player Cooperative 176
cyberber Trials Fusion The Fifth Key The Fifth KeyUse the Track Editor to find and pick up the 'Fifth Key' in the Fusion world 144
cyberber Country Dance All Stars Country Dance Lover Country Dance LoverPlay 33 songs in the starting Song Selection in any scored game mode 129
MarketingPurse0 Uncanny Valley Peeping Tom Peeping TomCollect all VHS tapes. 126
MarketingPurse0 Vostok Inc No One's Sky No One's SkyBuild something on every planet in the Galaxy 124
MarketingPurse0 Uncanny Valley Insomniac InsomniacNever go to sleep. 116
MarketingPurse0 One Eyed Kutkh A cunning plan A cunning planCaused a quarrel between The Sun and The Moon 101

Warriors of Rock Activity Feed

cyberberDOGOS (JP)
cyberber won 8 Achievements in DOGOS (JP) for 514 points
MarketingPurse0Bean Dive
MarketingPurse0 won 28 achievements in 24 new games as part of their Bean Dive
MarketingPurse0NevermindMarketingPurse0 started the game Nevermind
MarketingPurse0Lilith-MMarketingPurse0 started the game Lilith-M
MarketingPurse0TacomaMarketingPurse0 started the game Tacoma
MarketingPurse0InkSplosionMarketingPurse0 started the game InkSplosion
MarketingPurse0The StationMarketingPurse0 started the game The Station
MarketingPurse0AsemblanceMarketingPurse0 started the game Asemblance
cyberberDOGOS (JP)cyberber started the game DOGOS (JP)
MarketingPurse0Bean Dive
MarketingPurse0 won 16 achievements in 16 new games as part of their Bean Dive
MarketingPurse0WarframeMarketingPurse0 started the game Warframe
MarketingPurse0ABZÛBreach achievementMarketingPurse0 won the Breach achievement in ABZÛ for 52 points
MarketingPurse0ABZÛMarketingPurse0 started the game ABZÛ
MarketingPurse0SamsaraMarketingPurse0 started the game Samsara
MarketingPurse0Atomic HeistMarketingPurse0 started the game Atomic Heist
MarketingPurse0ArmikrogMarketingPurse0 started the game Armikrog