Period ends: 6 days 09 hrs 22 mins 02 secs

Start Current Period
PrayedManuel PrayedManuel 4,998 107,198 190,976 5,007 107,938 191,848 9 740 872
heatlight heatlight 21,083 482,053 881,978 21,084 482,073 881,968 1 20 -11
53rd position, 885 TA above drop 10 760 861
Best Achievements This Period TA
PrayedManuel The Swapper IV IVIV 110
PrayedManuel The Swapper III IIIIII 106
PrayedManuel Unmechanical: Extended That's Why Helicopters Need Elevators That's Why Helicopters Need ElevatorsSome things are just way too heavy. 104
PrayedManuel The Swapper II IIII 103
PrayedManuel The Swapper I II 102
PrayedManuel Unmechanical: Extended Above Average Intelligence Above Average IntelligenceFinish game without using hints. 89
PrayedManuel Unmechanical: Extended Promotion PromotionBecome a new janitor. 87
PrayedManuel Unmechanical: Extended Escapist EscapistFinish the game by escaping. 85
PrayedManuel Unmechanical: Extended Metal Meltdown Metal MeltdownA way out? 82

GRcade Activity Feed

PrayedManuelThe Swapper
PrayedManuel won 4 Achievements in The Swapper for 421 points
PrayedManuelThe SwapperIV achievementPrayedManuel won the IV achievement in The Swapper for 110 points
PrayedManuelThe SwapperIII achievementPrayedManuel won the III achievement in The Swapper for 106 points
PrayedManuelThe SwapperII achievementPrayedManuel won the II achievement in The Swapper for 103 points
PrayedManuelThe SwapperI achievementPrayedManuel won the I achievement in The Swapper for 102 points
PrayedManuelThe SwapperPrayedManuel started the game The Swapper
PrayedManuelMinecraft (iOS)PrayedManuel started the game Minecraft (iOS)
PrayedManuelForza Motorsport 5
PrayedManuel won 2 Achievements in Forza Motorsport 5 for 147 points
PrayedManuel won 2 Achievements in Evolve for 375 points
heatlightKiller Instinct
heatlight won 4 Achievements in Killer Instinct for 428 points
PrayedManuel won 3 Achievements in Evolve for 628 points
heatlightKiller Instinct
heatlight won 2 Achievements in Killer Instinct for 76 points
PrayedManuelGears of War 4
PrayedManuel won 2 Achievements in Gears of War 4 for 277 points
heatlightHyper Sentinelheatlight completed the game Hyper Sentinel and is the 2nd gamer on the site to complete it
heatlightHyper Sentinel
heatlight won 3 Achievements in Hyper Sentinel for 1644 points
heatlightMinecraft (Win 10)
heatlight won 27 Achievements in Minecraft (Win 10) for 962 points