Start Current Period
LitaOsiris LitaOsiris 13,366 347,085 658,285 13,380 347,415 658,544 14 330 259
Bonuses Value
Ayudame - This is a gift from me to you. It will help you when you are feeling down. Really. Ayudame used by LitaOsiris 1,000
Not Normal! - End the scoring period with Gamerscore earned & number of Achievements earned not divisible by 5 Not Normal! used by LitaOsiris 1,000
Raise the Bar - End the scoring period having unlocked at least 5,000TA (solo) Raise the Bar used by LitaOsiris 1,000
Eliminated in 177th position, 616 TA below safety 14 330 3,259
Best Achievements This Period TA
LitaOsiris Far Cry 5 Saving Deputy Hudson Saving Deputy HudsonSave Deputy Hudson (Solo Campaign only). 59
LitaOsiris Far Cry 5 You Are Wrath You Are WrathBe deemed the Sin of Wrath (Solo Campaign only). 56
LitaOsiris Jump, Step, Step First Challenge First ChallengeSolve the four spikes challenge 51
LitaOsiris Far Cry 5 Where's the Beef? Where's the Beef?Tenderize a bull with your bare hands. To death (Campaign only). 27
LitaOsiris Jump, Step, Step Robot Repeat Robot RepeatUnlock repeat actions 25
LitaOsiris Far Cry 5 Walk The Path Walk The PathDiscover the Bliss (Solo Campaign only). 24
LitaOsiris Far Cry 5 Ain't No Wallflower Ain't No WallflowerWho are these people? Speak to 50 citizens of Hope County (Solo Campaign only). 23
LitaOsiris Far Cry 5 Close and Personal Close and PersonalPerform 25 close combat Takedown Kills (Campaign only). 23
LitaOsiris Far Cry 5 Kicking the Hornet's Nest Kicking the Hornet's NestTrigger the wrath of a Herald (Solo Campaign only). 23
LitaOsiris Far Cry 5 Sewer Rat Sewer RatDestroy a cult water treatment pump and make them thirst for revenge (Solo Campaign only). 19

LitaOsiris700,542 (367,500)Ireland

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