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K4rn4ge K4rn4ge 30,284 724,134 1,348,124 30,477 729,879 1,356,528 193 5,745 8,403
Eliminated in 64th position, 4,384 TA below safety 193 5,745 8,403
Best Achievements This Period TA
K4rn4ge Rocket League Best of the Bunch Best of the BunchEarn the MVP award in any Online Tournament match 462
K4rn4ge The VideoKid You ARE The Videokid! You ARE The Videokid!Complete All Other Achievements 338
K4rn4ge The VideoKid 3rd Time's The Charm 3rd Time's The CharmComplete the course 3 times 334
K4rn4ge 3on3 FreeStyle Join E-Sports Team Now! Join E-Sports Team Now!10 Winning Streak - "3vs3 Mode only" 296
K4rn4ge Forza Horizon 2 Horse Power Horse PowerComplete 40 events in Porsches. 223
K4rn4ge Rocket League People Person People PersonPlay and complete 10 Online matches with one or more Clubmates 165
K4rn4ge The VideoKid Better Late Than Never Better Late Than NeverReach Jessica 162
K4rn4ge The VideoKid YOU SCORED 20000 points! YOU SCORED 20000 points!Score 20000 points 159
K4rn4ge The VideoKid Fashionista FashionistaGet all the outfits 158
K4rn4ge Human Fall Flat Smooth moves Smooth movesParkour fluidly from the alley to the blacksmith in "Castle" without touching the ground. 136

K4rn4ge1,416,422 (765,045)USA

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K4rn4ge has won 31,677 Achievements and 72 Challenges in 3014 games and 6 apps

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