Eat, Sleep, Complete, RepeatEat, Sleep, Complete, Repeat

Start Current Period
RedmptionDenied RedmptionDenied 55,521 1,711,640 3,289,226 56,010 1,733,425 3,307,808 489 21,785 18,583
smrnov smrnov 73,000 2,054,300 3,703,390 73,157 2,059,739 3,702,629 157 5,439 -761
1st position, NaN TA above drop 646 27,224 17,822
Best Achievements This Period TA
smrnov StickType Stick With It Stick With ItComplete the second tower climb 515
RedmptionDenied Quantic Pinball Tsunami TsunamiPlay Special level until wave 30 408
RedmptionDenied Mutant Football League Perfection PerfectionYou have played without losses in Season, Playoffs and Mayhem! 340
smrnov StickType Stick it to the Man Stick it to the ManBeat the game 300
smrnov StickType Stick a Fork in It Stick a Fork in ItBeat the game with 100% completion 294
RedmptionDenied The First Tree Completionist CompletionistUncover all secrets and discover a priceless treasure 289
smrnov StickType Give it some Stick Give it some StickBeat the game in one tower climb 283
RedmptionDenied Babylon 2055 Pinball Tsunami TsunamiPlay Special level until wave 30 281
RedmptionDenied The First Tree 150 Stars 150 StarsCollect all 150 stars 278
RedmptionDenied Mutant Football League Clusterf@#ck Clusterf@#ckYou have scored a clusterf@#ck 273