Team Inatimate1Team Inatimate1

Start Current Period
Inatimate1 Inatimate1 9,235 254,609 404,973 9,261 255,789 405,680 26 1,180 708
JitteryElk JitteryElk 8,083 168,365 274,288 8,097 168,680 274,803 14 315 515
Eliminated in 152nd position, 6,092 TA below safety 40 1,495 1,222
Best Achievements This Period TA
Inatimate1 Life is Strange: Before The Storm Awake, Dear Heart Awake, Dear HeartComplete Episode 1: Awake 213
JitteryElk Far Cry 5 Together Forever Together ForeverGet to the End (Solo Campaign only). 142
Inatimate1 Pac-Man 256 Wakka Wakka Wakka WakkaPlayed a multiplayer game 116
Inatimate1 Fragments of Him Patterns PatternsWill chose to stick with his routine and wash before breakfast today. 103
Inatimate1 Fragments of Him Family Christmas Family ChristmasBut that was the last time I saw her 102
Inatimate1 Fragments of Him Rock and Roll Rock and RollWill chose to go to the kitchen instead of the bathroom today. 102
Inatimate1 Fragments of Him Mary MaryStarted Mary’s story arc 102
Inatimate1 Fragments of Him Will WillStarted Will’s story arc 100
JitteryElk Far Cry 5 ARCADE Player ARCADE PlayerReach level 20 in the Arcade (Arcade only). 91
Inatimate1 Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle We got this! We got this!Win a multiplayer boss battle without any character dying. 81