Team SFK GenusTeam SFK Genus

Start Current Period
SFK Genus SFK Genus 10,510 265,033 446,179 10,557 266,393 448,914 47 1,360 2,735
EbonHawk01 EbonHawk01 19,483 557,240 925,174 19,489 557,615 926,680 6 375 1,506
Eliminated in 325th position, 63 TA below safety 53 1,735 4,241
Best Achievements This Period TA
EbonHawk01 Gears of War 4 Master At Arms Master At ArmsYou're just plain talented with every weapon! 618
SFK Genus GRID 2 You rOCDed! You rOCDed!You finished first in every career event, during season play and/or via the timeline. 362
EbonHawk01 Gears of War 4 Best Teammate Best TeammateYou had your fellow Gears back like a buttcrack with 1000 assists. 292
SFK Genus NBA 2K6 Grab 20 Rebounds With Any Player Grab 20 Rebounds With Any PlayerThis was achieved by getting 20 rebounds in a game with any player. 261
EbonHawk01 Gears of War 4 Tour De Force Tour De ForceYou've toured every map in the game. 225
EbonHawk01 Gears of War 4 Veteran Gear Veteran GearYou are no stranger to war with 100 combat hours logged. 183
EbonHawk01 Gears of War 4 School of '08 School of '08You might not have Boomshields to help you, but you conquered 50 waves without defenses! 173
SFK Genus GRID 2 The World's Greatest The World's GreatestCongratulations, you have become the ultimate WSR champion. What an investment! 162
SFK Genus Dark Sector The Dark Sector The Dark SectorCompleted the Game. 146
EbonHawk01 Gears of War 4 I'm On Fire! I'm On Fire!You've proved you're a true Grub Killer with a positive KD ratio. 128