Start Current Period
Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
Basham Basham 14,735 198,825 14,745 199,344 10 519
Bonuses Value
132nd position, 541 TA Difference above drop 10 519
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
Basham Vigor Sharpshooter SharpshooterWon 8 gold ranks in Firing Range Challenges 182
Basham Vigor Junior Explorer Junior ExplorerVisited all point of interest in one map 71
Basham Vigor Lord of Destruction Lord of DestructionDeconstructed 100 items 70
Basham Vigor Threat of the Outlands Threat of the OutlandsBecame the Threat 64
Basham Gems of War I Have the Power I Have the PowerReach Kingdom Power Level 5 51
Basham Gems of War It's A Long Way To The Top It's A Long Way To The TopComplete Challenge Tier V in any Kingdom 45
Basham Vigor Last Survivor Last SurvivorLeft the level as the last Outlander 24
Basham Vigor Radioactive RadioactiveEntered the radiation wave 22
Basham Vigor Gatherer GathererGathered resources from a generator improvement 12
Basham SteamWorld Dig 2 The Guiding Light The Guiding LightDefeat the first boss. 0

Basham534,228 (328,674)England

Basham won 2,163 Achievements and 2 Challenges in 208 games, for a total of 106,611 TrueAchievement

Basham has won 15,729 Achievements and 39 Challenges in 1088 games and 9 apps

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Basham Activity Feed

BashamSteamWorld Dig 2Basham started the game SteamWorld Dig 2
BashamVigorJunior Explorer achievementBasham won the Junior Explorer achievement in Vigor for 101 points
Basham won 6 Achievements in Vigor for 553 points
BashamVigorLord of Destruction achievementBasham won the Lord of Destruction achievement in Vigor for 100 points
BashamVigorLast Survivor achievementBasham won the Last Survivor achievement in Vigor for 54 points
BashamVigorRadioactive achievementBasham won the Radioactive achievement in Vigor for 42 points
BashamVigorGatherer achievementBasham won the Gatherer achievement in Vigor for 32 points
BashamVigorSharpshooter achievementBasham won the Sharpshooter achievement in Vigor for 232 points
BashamGems of War
Basham won 2 Achievements in Gems of War for 127 points
Basham won 11 Achievements in Vigor for 427 points
BashamVigorDeath Penalty achievementBasham won the Death Penalty achievement in Vigor for 13 points
BashamVigorHeavy Baggage achievementBasham won the Heavy Baggage achievement in Vigor for 19 points
BashamVigorFully Loaded achievementBasham won the Fully Loaded achievement in Vigor for 32 points
BashamVigorBrain Teaser achievementBasham won the Brain Teaser achievement in Vigor for 165 points
BashamVigorShooter achievementBasham won the Shooter achievement in Vigor for 55 points
BashamVigorTarget Practice achievementBasham won the Target Practice achievement in Vigor for 12 points
BashamVigorSharing is Caring achievementBasham won the Sharing is Caring achievement in Vigor for 44 points
BashamVigorGood Foundation achievementBasham won the Good Foundation achievement in Vigor for 34 points
BashamVigorDanger Zone achievementBasham won the Danger Zone achievement in Vigor for 22 points
BashamVigorHome Sweet Home achievementBasham won the Home Sweet Home achievement in Vigor for 20 points
BashamVigorBasham started the game Vigor
BashamGems of WarGodslayer achievementBasham won the Godslayer achievement in Gems of War for 102 points
BashamGRIPEndurance achievementBasham won the Endurance achievement in GRIP for 42 points
BashamMinecraft (Android)
Basham won 20 Achievements in Minecraft (Android) for 2014 points
BashamAsphalt 9: Legends (Win 10)
Basham won 2 Achievements in Asphalt 9: Legends (Win 10) for 309 points
Basham won 3 Achievements in GRIP for 134 points
BashamGRIPUnderdog achievementBasham won the Underdog achievement in GRIP for 66 points
BashamGRIPI did it my way achievementBasham won the I did it my way achievement in GRIP for 32 points