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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
MarketingPurse0 MarketingPurse0 26,549 558,441 26,589 559,718 40 1,278
Bonuses Value
116th position, 1,159 TA Difference above drop 40 1,278
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
MarketingPurse0 Gems of War Medal Not in the Affairs of Wizards Medal Not in the Affairs of WizardsEquip your first Badge or Medal 181
MarketingPurse0 Risk: Urban Assault JUST THE BEGINNING JUST THE BEGINNINGComplete a game in RISK League mode. 118
MarketingPurse0 Risk: Urban Assault BE ALL YOU CAN BE BE ALL YOU CAN BEDraft 1000 troops. 95
MarketingPurse0 Mortal Kombat X Lands-Down Lands-DownDon't perform a Kombo over 4 hits with Bo' Rai Cho and win a complete Online Ranked 1v1 match 92
MarketingPurse0 Gems of War Who's the Boss Who's the BossCollect your first Boss Chest in Explore 85
MarketingPurse0 Mortal Kombat X Dance The Night Away Dance The Night AwayFlip Stance 10 times with a Kombat Pack 2 character during a Fatality sequence in an Online match 70
MarketingPurse0 Risk: Urban Assault THE GOOD SOLDIER THE GOOD SOLDIERHonor 10 ceasefires. 62
MarketingPurse0 Risk: Urban Assault INCOMING! INCOMING!Destroy 100 troops with missiles. 61
MarketingPurse0 Risk: Urban Assault WORLD'S POLICEMAN WORLD'S POLICEMANWin the outlaw bounty 10 times. 59
MarketingPurse0 Risk: Urban Assault GRIZZLY WAR RECORD GRIZZLY WAR RECORDDestroy 1000 enemy troops. 58

MarketingPurse01,366,783 (805,990)Japan

MarketingPurse0 has won 26,853 Achievements and 403 Challenges in 1253 games and 2 apps

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