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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
JJBDude48 JJBDude48 30,139 704,575 30,155 704,823 16 248
Bonuses Value
288th position, 246 TA Difference above drop 16 248
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
JJBDude48 Descenders Quite a Collection Quite a CollectionUnlock 50 items 149
JJBDude48 Riverbond Two of a Kind Two of a KindDefeat 20 enemies with any Dual Weapon 12
JJBDude48 Riverbond Not So Cute Anymore Not So Cute AnymoreWipe Out Rabbitus Maximus 11
JJBDude48 Riverbond AAARR! AAARR!Wreck Captain Barbacus 7
JJBDude48 Riverbond Trigger Happy Trigger HappyDefeat 20 enemies with any Gun 6
JJBDude48 Riverbond To Victory! To Victory!Begin the eighth adventure 6
JJBDude48 Riverbond Sunny Shores Sunny ShoresFind the secret beach 6
JJBDude48 Riverbond Riverborn RiverbornComplete the tutorial 3
JJBDude48 Riverbond Wind At Our Backs Wind At Our BacksBegin the second adventure 3
JJBDude48 Riverbond Steel Yourself Steel YourselfDefeat 20 enemies with any Sword 3

JJBDude481,560,835 (853,203)England

Broke my analogue stick from Pumped BMX Pro thanks to applying so much pressure on it :(

JJBDude48 has won 30,356 Achievements and 49 Challenges in 1378 games and 11 apps

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JJBDude48RiverbondJJBDude48 started the game Riverbond
JJBDude48 won 21 Achievements in Descenders for 842 points
JJBDude48DescendersIt Begins achievementJJBDude48 won the It Begins achievement in Descenders for 53 points
JJBDude48DescendersDialed in achievementJJBDude48 won the Dialed in achievement in Descenders for 21 points
JJBDude48DescendersWipeout achievementJJBDude48 won the Wipeout achievement in Descenders for 10 points
JJBDude48DescendersJJBDude48 started the game Descenders
JJBDude48MegaquariumJJBDude48 completed the game Megaquarium and is the 2nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by rockinroosters at 20:24 on 04 Oct 2019

Nice one.

JJBDude48 won 3 Achievements in Megaquarium for 832 points
JJBDude48 won 2 Achievements in Megaquarium for 462 points
JJBDude48 won 6 Achievements in Megaquarium for 989 points
JJBDude48We Were HereJJBDude48 completed the game We Were Here and is the 1,420th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by JJBDude48 at 19:52 on 29 Sep 2019

Most frustrating game of 2019 for me! Broken with glitches and only guides are videos when text with images would be much more beneficial. Shame as could be a decent game

Comment by boldyno1 at 19:53 on 29 Sep 2019

My hair has fell out with stress :-)

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JJBDude48 won 2 Achievements in Megaquarium for 155 points
JJBDude48 won 2 Achievements in Megaquarium for 91 points
JJBDude48MegaquariumJJBDude48 started the game Megaquarium
JJBDude48We Were Here
JJBDude48 won 4 Achievements in We Were Here for 193 points