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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
M4dzl M4dzl 3,494 79,884 3,519 80,055 25 171
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 698th position, 219 TA Difference below safety 25 171
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
M4dzl Old Man's Journey Kassiopeia the Tortoise Kassiopeia the TortoiseKassiopeia is an elusive creature, but will reveal herself for those with patience. 18
M4dzl The Gardens Between Stargazing StargazingA Cosmic Garden Friend phones home. 13
M4dzl The Gardens Between An Expedition Goes Down The Drain An Expedition Goes Down The DrainA Garden Friend gums up the pipes. 12
M4dzl The Gardens Between Mischievous Discoveries Mischievous DiscoveriesA Garden Friend follows on a school trip. 11
M4dzl The Gardens Between Our Secret Clubhouse Our Secret ClubhouseA Garden Friend sneaks a look. 11
M4dzl The Gardens Between The Gardens Complete The Gardens CompleteFriends apart, memories remain. 10
M4dzl The Gardens Between Staying Up Late Staying Up LateSuper Silly Crow escapes the TV. 10
M4dzl The Gardens Between Found You! Found You!Release the hidden Garden Friend. 6
M4dzl The Gardens Between Don't touch that! Don't touch that!Arina really shouldn't be pressing buttons. 6
M4dzl The Gardens Between Friendly Fire Friendly FireArina throws popcorn at Frendt five times. 5

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