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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
MANIAN 3D MANIAN 3D 36,011 883,749 36,086 887,918 75 4,169
Bonuses Value
2nd position, 4,170 TA Difference above drop 75 4,169
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
MANIAN 3D SMITE Omi Mastery Omi MasteryUnlock the Smite Award "Omi Mastery." 581
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) London's burning London's burningTurn all districts to hostile status 574
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) Not even once Not even onceFinish the game without killing any citizens (not unlockable in Story Mode) 335
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) Bloody roots Bloody rootsFind the recollection of Paulus Aurelianus 181
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) Anarchy in the UK Anarchy in the UKTurn a district to hostile status 147
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) The tools of the profession The tools of the professionFind all melee weapons 144
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) Keep your distance Keep your distanceFind all Range Weapon 133
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) Weapons of choice Weapons of choiceFind all off-hand weapons 133
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) The Dying Swansea The Dying SwanseaTake care of Swansea's fate 97
MANIAN 3D Vampyr (Win 10) A taste for blood A taste for bloodComplete the game 97

MANIAN 3D1,895,058 (1,003,010)Ireland

MANIAN 3D has won 36,298 Achievements and 14 Challenges in 1385 games and 1 app

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All the way through!

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MANIAN 3DSMITEOmi Mastery achievementMANIAN 3D won the Omi Mastery achievement in SMITE for 601 points
MANIAN 3DRush: A Disney Pixar AdventureMANIAN 3D completed the game Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure and is the 1,467th gamer on the site to complete it
MANIAN 3DRush: A Disney Pixar Adventure
MANIAN 3D won 18 Achievements in Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure for 1086 points
MANIAN 3DVampyr (Win 10)MANIAN 3D completed the game Vampyr (Win 10) and is the 2nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by SDREW44 at 21:04 on 14 Oct 2019

Good Job! Did you use the walkthrough on TA? Any hints or tips? smile

Comment by MANIAN 3D at 21:23 on 14 Oct 2019

I knew what to do as i did it on the 1 previously. WT is good.

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MANIAN 3DVampyr (Win 10)
MANIAN 3D won 6 Achievements in Vampyr (Win 10) for 672 points
MANIAN 3DJump Force
MANIAN 3D won 2 Achievements in Jump Force for 64 points