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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
Housin 2203 Housin 2203 10,530 194,030 10,553 194,300 23 270
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 525th position, 366 TA Difference below safety 23 270
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
Housin 2203 DOOM Knee-Deep in the Dead Knee-Deep in the DeadComplete the campaign on "I'm too Young to Die", "Hurt Me Plenty", "Ultra-Violence", or "Nightmare" 58
Housin 2203 DOOM Juicin' it Up Juicin' it UpKill 150 enemies while using Power Ups 29
Housin 2203 DOOM Up Close and Personal Up Close and PersonalKill 50 enemies using the Chainsaw 17
Housin 2203 DOOM Who's Next? Who's Next?Defeat the Spider Mastermind 15
Housin 2203 HITMAN 2 Extra Luggage Extra LuggageSelected a Starting Location and used an Informant to smuggle an item onto Haven Island. 14
Housin 2203 DOOM An Old Friend An Old FriendAcquire the BFG 14
Housin 2203 DOOM Outnumbered?  No Problem Outnumbered? No ProblemDefeat the Hell Guards 13
Housin 2203 DOOM Shoot it Until it Dies Shoot it Until it DiesDefeat the Cyberdemon 12
Housin 2203 DOOM Timing is Everything Timing is EverythingUse explosive barrels to kill 100 enemies 11
Housin 2203 DOOM Thorough Shopper Thorough ShopperComplete all Challenges for a single mission 10

Housin 2203504,621 (289,638)England

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Housin 2203