First Week EliminationFirst Week Elimination

Start Current Period
Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
MC PHILABUSTA MC PHILABUSTA 15,455 324,998 15,466 325,273 11 275
JJBDude48 JJBDude48 30,017 699,265 30,017 699,265 0 0
VictimOfDesire VictimOfDesire 17,071 369,891 17,071 369,891 0 0
Bonuses Value
82nd position, 275 TA Difference above drop 11 275
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
MC PHILABUSTA SoulCalibur V No-hitter No-hitterRanked Match: won 10 times with Ezio. 75
MC PHILABUSTA Tecmo Bowl Throwback Complete domination Complete dominationWon a ranked online match by 18 points or more 47
MC PHILABUSTA SoulCalibur V Reason to Fight For Reason to Fight ForReached E1 rank in ranked match. 38
MC PHILABUSTA Tecmo Bowl Throwback Who's next? Who's next?Won a ranked online match 33
MC PHILABUSTA SoulCalibur V Mercenary of War Mercenary of WarFought 30 times on Xbox LIVE. 23
MC PHILABUSTA SoulCalibur V Sings Own Praise Sings Own PraiseUploaded a replay of your win. 14
MC PHILABUSTA SoulCalibur V Proof of a Fighter Proof of a FighterWon consecutive matches on Xbox LIVE. 13
MC PHILABUSTA SoulCalibur V Awakened to Violence Awakened to ViolenceReached E4 rank in ranked match. 13
MC PHILABUSTA SoulCalibur V Carry Out Your Beliefs Carry Out Your BeliefsWon 5 times in one style on Xbox LIVE. 11
MC PHILABUSTA SoulCalibur V Notes on Rivals Notes on RivalsPlay backed another player's replay. 6

First Week Elimination Activity Feed

JJBDude48Madden NFL 20JJBDude48 started the game Madden NFL 20
MC PHILABUSTAGears POP!MC PHILABUSTA started the game Gears POP!
Comment by Harbringernight at 05:58 on 15 Sep 2019

Oh noes!

Comment by MC PHILABUSTA at 06:21 on 15 Sep 2019

Lol bored at work :) not bad for working lol

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VictimOfDesireSaturday Morning RPG
VictimOfDesire won 19 Achievements in Saturday Morning RPG for 282 points
MC PHILABUSTAGears 5MC PHILABUSTA started the game Gears 5
Comment by MC PHILABUSTA at 19:19 on 14 Sep 2019

Damn Terminator skins lol .

Comment by xLsWx at 22:09 on 14 Sep 2019

gonna be startingthis tomorrow night

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JJBDude48DayD: Through Time
JJBDude48 won 4 Achievements in DayD: Through Time for 281 points
JJBDude48DayD: Through TimeJJBDude48 started the game DayD: Through Time
MC PHILABUSTATom Clancy's Splinter Cell BlacklistMC PHILABUSTA started the game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist
Comment by MC PHILABUSTA at 13:35 on 13 Sep 2019

Games pretty Kool !!

Comment by Harbringernight at 14:48 on 13 Sep 2019

I loved the game.