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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
TeslaMotorsMan TeslaMotorsMan 4,690 109,936 4,758 111,416 68 1,480
Bonuses Value
88th position, 1,358 TA Difference above drop 68 1,480
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
TeslaMotorsMan SMITE Turbulent Waters Turbulent WatersUnlock the Smite Award "Turbulent Waters." 419
TeslaMotorsMan SMITE Omi Mastery Omi MasteryUnlock the Smite Award "Omi Mastery." 305
TeslaMotorsMan Hyper Universe Wrecking ball Wrecking ballDestroyed 100 defense turrets 135
TeslaMotorsMan F1 2018 Sceptre SceptreWon a total of 4 Online Races 54
TeslaMotorsMan SMITE CHARGE! CHARGE!As Guan Yu, Stun three or more gods at once with your ultimate, Cavalry Charge. 53
TeslaMotorsMan Halo: The Master Chief Collection No Stone Unturned No Stone UnturnedHalo 3: Activate all Halo 3 Terminals. 39
TeslaMotorsMan F1 2018 Welcome to the real world Welcome to the real worldCompleted any race with all assists disabled 37
TeslaMotorsMan F1 2018 More to come More to comeCompleted a Race in an Online Championship 33
TeslaMotorsMan Halo: The Master Chief Collection Ouroboros OuroborosHalo 4: Beat the par time on Infinity. 31
TeslaMotorsMan F1 2018 Patent pending Patent pendingSet a valid Time Trial lap with a set up taken from a rival ghost 29

TeslaMotorsMan259,052 (147,085)New Jersey

TeslaMotorsMan has won 4,855 Achievements and 150 Challenges in 223 games and 1 app

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TeslaMotorsManF1 2018
TeslaMotorsMan won 3 Achievements in F1 2018 for 133 points
TeslaMotorsManMinecraft (WP)
TeslaMotorsMan won 36 Achievements in Minecraft (WP) for 942 points
TeslaMotorsManF1 2018
TeslaMotorsMan won 5 Achievements in F1 2018 for 210 points
TeslaMotorsMan won 3 Achievements in SMITE for 847 points
TeslaMotorsManThe Long ReachTeslaMotorsMan completed the game The Long Reach and is the 1,819th gamer on the site to complete it
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TeslaMotorsManThe Long Reach
TeslaMotorsMan won 3 Achievements in The Long Reach for 251 points