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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
darkwing1232 darkwing1232 8,219 122,700 8,248 122,919 29 219
Bonuses Value
247th position, 222 TA Difference above drop 29 219
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
darkwing1232 Killer Instinct Vengeful Wrath Vengeful WrathYou performed Vengeance 5 times and landed 5 Wrath Counter Hits while in Hisako's Instinct Mode! 40
darkwing1232 Killer Instinct Insomniac InsomniacYou performed STAY AWAKE! 6 times while in Instinct mode! 32
darkwing1232 Killer Instinct Nordic Skewer Nordic SkewerYou've Skewered an opponent 5 times in a match in any mode. 27
darkwing1232 Killer Instinct Peace Keeper Peace KeeperYou hit your opponent 5 times with Peacemaker while in Aganos' Instinct Mode! 26
darkwing1232 Old Man's Journey Kassiopeia the Tortoise Kassiopeia the TortoiseKassiopeia is an elusive creature, but will reveal herself for those with patience. 18
darkwing1232 X-Men Arcade Bamf BamfYou completed the game in 25 minutes or less. 11
darkwing1232 Rare Replay Unphased UnphasedComplete a Jetpac snapshot. 10
darkwing1232 X-Men Arcade X-pertise X-pertiseYou completed the game on Expert difficulty. 9
darkwing1232 Halo: The Master Chief Collection A Heap of Medals A Heap of MedalsCollect 4,000 campaign or playlist medals. 8
darkwing1232 Halo: The Master Chief Collection Six Pedals, Four Directions Six Pedals, Four DirectionsHalo 2: Drive a Scorpion while playing as the Arbiter. 8

darkwing1232414,499 (290,755)Wisconsin

darkwing1232 has won 8,367 Achievements in 421 games and 3 apps

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darkwing1232Rare Replay
darkwing1232 won 2 Achievements in Rare Replay for 39 points
darkwing1232X-Men Arcade
darkwing1232 won 5 Achievements in X-Men Arcade for 117 points
darkwing1232A Winter’s Daydreamdarkwing1232 completed the game A Winter’s Daydream and is the 1,468th gamer on the site to complete it
darkwing1232Chess Ultra
darkwing1232 won 3 Achievements in Chess Ultra for 129 points
darkwing1232Killer Instinct
darkwing1232 won 2 Achievements in Killer Instinct for 147 points
darkwing1232Penariumdarkwing1232 completed the game Penarium and is the 593rd gamer on the site to complete it
darkwing1232 won 4 Achievements in Penarium for 446 points
darkwing1232The Little Acredarkwing1232 started the game The Little Acre
darkwing1232Chess Ultra
darkwing1232 won 3 Achievements in Chess Ultra for 401 points