Names You Can't PronounceNames You Can't Pronounce

Start Current Period
Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
Proulx Proulx 20,599 315,345 20,731 316,938 132 1,592
Xpovos Xpovos 11,343 207,809 11,378 208,485 35 676
Jblacq Jblacq 10,425 158,408 10,446 158,729 21 321
Bonuses Value
129th position, 1,396 TA Difference above drop 188 2,589
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
Xpovos Gears POP! In the Pocket In the PocketCleared 250 Horde Waves 224
Proulx Disney Infinity It's All Gold! It's All Gold!Complete 3 Adventures to gold standard. 142
Proulx Disney Infinity There is no "end" in infinity! There is no "end" in infinity!Complete the story in 3 Play Sets. 128
Proulx Madden NFL 20 Perfect Passer Perfect PasserComplete The Combine Drills (Perfect) 106
Proulx Disney Infinity That Was A Challenge That Was A ChallengeComplete 5 Challenges on hard. 88
Xpovos Plague Road Savior SaviorRescue 50 Survivors. 83
Proulx Disney Infinity Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a StarCollect 70 Stars in the Disney Infinity Starter Pack. 74
Xpovos Madden NFL 19 Going For Gold Going For GoldEarn gold from a drill inside the Skill Trainer. 70
Jblacq Burnout Paradise Paradise Won Paradise WonWon your Burnout Driving License 69
Proulx Thimbleweed Park Mean Person Mean PersonMade everyone cry about their life. 60

Names You Can't Pronounce Activity Feed

XpovosFaery: Legends of AvalonXpovos completed the game Faery: Legends of Avalon and is the 2,826th gamer on the site to complete it
ProulxDisney Infinity
Proulx won 23 Achievements in Disney Infinity for 1298 points
ProulxDisney InfinityCreator achievementProulx won the Creator achievement in Disney Infinity for 10 points
XpovosPlague Road
Xpovos won 4 Achievements in Plague Road for 538 points
XpovosPlague RoadTraveler achievementXpovos won the Traveler achievement in Plague Road for 92 points
XpovosPlague RoadBuilder achievementXpovos won the Builder achievement in Plague Road for 157 points
XpovosPlague RoadSavior achievementXpovos won the Savior achievement in Plague Road for 233 points
ProulxSolo: Islands of the HeartProulx completed the game Solo: Islands of the Heart and is the 87th gamer on the site to complete it
ProulxThimbleweed Park
Proulx won 3 Achievements in Thimbleweed Park for 163 points
XpovosGears POP!In the Pocket achievementXpovos won the In the Pocket achievement in Gears POP! for 254 points
ProulxDisney Infinity
Proulx won 3 Achievements in Disney Infinity for 81 points
ProulxDISTRAINT: Deluxe EditionProulx completed the game DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition and is the 56th gamer on the site to complete it