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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
blueracer442 blueracer442 13,171 188,496 13,194 188,643 23 147
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 704th position, 243 TA Difference below safety 23 147
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
blueracer442 Gems of War It's A Long Way To The Top It's A Long Way To The TopComplete Challenge Tier V in any Kingdom 46
blueracer442 Gears of War 4 Triple Threat Triple ThreatUpgraded 3 skill cards 16
blueracer442 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Death Of A Salesman Death Of A SalesmanComplete memory sequence 5. 7
blueracer442 Gears POP! Well we're not here to sell cookies! Well we're not here to sell cookies!Used Marcus Fenix to capture 6 different pieces of cover in a single Versus Battle 7
blueracer442 Gears POP! The Big Bad The Big BadDefeated a Boss in Horde 5
blueracer442 Gears POP! Bolo me away Bolo me awayKilled 5 Pins at once with a single Frag Grenade in Versus 5
blueracer442 Gears POP! Pin-nacle 3 Pin-nacle 3Upgraded a Pin 10 times 3
blueracer442 Gears POP! Squad Goals Squad GoalsNamed one of your Squads 3
blueracer442 Gears of War 4 Three Chapters Three ChaptersCompleted three Campaign Chapters (any difficulty) 2
blueracer442 Gears of War 4 Two Chapters Two ChaptersCompleted two Campaign Chapters (any difficulty) 2

blueracer442502,934 (311,750)New Jersey

Anybody want to team up for GTASC not sure how far we'll go but down to see.

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