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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
BushidoBrown305 BushidoBrown305 6,640 133,148 6,652 133,383 12 235
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 692nd position, 155 TA Difference below safety 12 235
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 And I'll Form the Head! And I'll Form the Head!Killed a Boss in Horde while all 5 players had active Ultimate Abilities 91
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 Once More From the Top Once More From the TopRe-upped! 41
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 Who You Gonna Call? Hivebusters! Who You Gonna Call? Hivebusters!Completed 5 Escape Hives as each one of Mac, Lahni and Keegan 34
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 I Made It All By Myself I Made It All By MyselfCreated and published an Escape Hive 33
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 Homegrown Hive Homegrown HiveCompleted a Featured community built Escape Hive 30
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 Sergeant at Arms Sergeant at ArmsReached the rank of Sergeant in Tour of Duty 23
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 On the Razor's Edge On the Razor's EdgeGot 100 kills while inside Hivebuster Venom 15
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 Corporal Punishment Corporal PunishmentReached the rank of Corporal in a Tour of Duty 11
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 My Place in the Machine My Place in the MachineCompleted placement matches for a Ranked playlist 8
BushidoBrown305 Gears 5 Pass the Soap Pass the SoapPassed through a refuge shower with 3 Hivebusters in the same shower cubicle 8

BushidoBrown305306,187 (167,313)USA

Gears 5 randoms are whole new level of idiot

BushidoBrown305 has won 7,036 Achievements and 13 Challenges in 239 games and 1 app

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