Dude, We'll be out week one!Dude, We'll be out week one!

Start Current Period
Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
ROBBERT DHT ROBBERT DHT 21,355 367,001 21,525 368,682 170 1,681
Zylo Grey Zylo Grey 28,981 512,386 29,026 512,581 45 195
Stealth David Stealth David 40,262 709,761 40,294 710,099 32 339
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 218th position, 411 TA Difference below safety 247 2,214
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
ROBBERT DHT Gnomes Garden Grand master Grand masterFor completing all levels with 3 stars 153
Stealth David KINGDOM HEARTS III Master Chef Master ChefEarn an "Excellent" while preparing every type of cuisine. 84
ROBBERT DHT Gnomes Garden Braveheart BraveheartFor saving the king 78
Stealth David KINGDOM HEARTS III Classically Trained Classically TrainedGet a new high score in every Classic Kingdom game. 71
ROBBERT DHT Claybook On The Edge On The EdgeRace through the course by using only the disk shape. No rewind allowed. 68
ROBBERT DHT Claybook The Great Escape The Great EscapeEnter the castle and complete without rewinding. 68
ROBBERT DHT Claybook Sugar Rush Sugar RushSweet, delicious but hollow in the middle. Can you munch all three of them? 64
ROBBERT DHT Claybook Polished to Perfection Polished to PerfectionComplete all chapters in a book with a 3 star score. 56
ROBBERT DHT Claybook Cry Me a River Cry Me a RiverBlock the river so the channel overflows and fills the pool. 54
ROBBERT DHT Claybook Rocket Man II Rocket Man IIIt's launching day! Locate the vessel and execute tricky landing on the platform. 51