Taiyaki JPTaiyaki JP

Start Current Period
Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
mechanic arms mechanic arms 40,916 787,904 40,917 806,165 1 18,261
pandaman105 pandaman105 27,443 832,829 27,479 837,192 36 4,364
dabudora360 dabudora360 32,275 735,785 32,296 736,552 21 767
Bonuses Value
1st position, 23,384 TA Difference above drop 58 23,391
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
mechanic arms Gears POP! Seriously POP! Seriously POP!Defeated 100,000 pins, won 1000 Versus Battles, reached highest League and cleared 1000 Horde Waves 18,536
pandaman105 Blair Witch Break the cycle Break the cycleHelp Ellis to get his redemption. 1,461
pandaman105 Blair Witch Pacifist PacifistEnd the game without killing any monsters 688
pandaman105 Blair Witch Picture perfect Picture perfectCollect all victim's photos. 373
pandaman105 Blair Witch Psychotherapy PsychotherapyCollect all of the psychiatrist's notes. 354
pandaman105 Blair Witch Last goodbye Last goodbyeFind out what happened to Bullet. 263
pandaman105 Blair Witch To absent friends To absent friendsPay your respects to sheriff Lanning. 215
pandaman105 Blair Witch Last transmission Last transmissionFind out what happened to Peter. 202
pandaman105 Blair Witch Ray of hope Ray of hopePatch things up with Jess. 150
pandaman105 Blair Witch Take his face Take his faceBecome Carver 123

Taiyaki JP Activity Feed

dabudora360Revenant Dogmadabudora360 completed the game Revenant Dogma and is the 51st gamer on the site to complete it
dabudora360Revenant Dogma
dabudora360 won 5 Achievements in Revenant Dogma for 543 points
pandaman105Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
pandaman105 won 22 Achievements in Shenmue I & II (Win 10) for 1227 points
pandaman105Blair Witchpandaman105 completed the game Blair Witch and is the 235th gamer on the site to complete it
pandaman105Blair Witch
pandaman105 won 21 Achievements in Blair Witch for 5407 points
pandaman105Blair Witch
            Secret Achievementpandaman105 won the Secret Achievement in Blair Witch for 1661 points
pandaman105Blair Witch
pandaman105 won 4 Achievements in Blair Witch for 68 points
pandaman105Blair Witchpandaman105 started the game Blair Witch
pandaman105Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racingpandaman105 completed the game Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and is the 3,300th gamer on the site to complete it