Start Current Period
Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
HD TECTONIC HD TECTONIC 25,565 678,848 25,599 680,558 34 1,710
Bonuses Value
34th position, 1,698 TA Difference above drop 34 1,710
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
HD TECTONIC Ruiner GOD MODE: ON GOD MODE: ONBeat the game without dying 486
HD TECTONIC GRIP Penta Kill Penta KillDestroyed 5 players without dying 324
HD TECTONIC Ruiner Die hard Die hardDie 666 times 109
HD TECTONIC Ruiner It's Over 9000! It's Over 9000!Use dash 9001 times 109
HD TECTONIC GRIP Quad Kill Quad KillDestroyed 4 players without dying 101
HD TECTONIC GRIP Stolen victory Stolen victoryWon by passing the leader in the last second 100
HD TECTONIC GRIP Vehicular homicide Vehicular homicideDestroyed 50 opponents 86
HD TECTONIC Sunset Overdrive (Win 10) Save Everyone Save EveryoneSave Sunset City from Fizzco's second-most powerful robot. 60
HD TECTONIC Sunset Overdrive (Win 10) Crude Oil Crude OilArrive at the Mooil Rig. 60
HD TECTONIC Ruiner Mickey Mantle Mickey MantleHit 50 mines with your melee weapon 54

HD TECTONIC1,504,855 (794,505)Germany

HD TECTONIC has won 27,580 Achievements and 50 Challenges in 952 games and 3 apps

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HD TECTONIC Activity Feed

HD TECTONIC won 12 Achievements in GRIP for 1003 points
HD TECTONICSuper Box Land DemakeHD TECTONIC completed the game Super Box Land Demake and is the 700th gamer on the site to complete it
HD TECTONICRuinerHD TECTONIC completed the base game Ruiner and is the 181st gamer on the site to complete it
HD TECTONIC won 4 Achievements in Ruiner for 820 points
HD TECTONICRuinerDie hard achievementHD TECTONIC won the Die hard achievement in Ruiner for 124 points
HD TECTONICRuinerGOD MODE: ON achievementHD TECTONIC won the GOD MODE: ON achievement in Ruiner for 561 points
HD TECTONICRuinerOn the fly achievementHD TECTONIC won the On the fly achievement in Ruiner for 66 points
HD TECTONICAbyss: The Wraiths of EdenHD TECTONIC completed the game Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden and is the 978th gamer on the site to complete it
HD TECTONICBlack & White BushidoHD TECTONIC completed the game Black & White Bushido and is the 2,030th gamer on the site to complete it