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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
Bsmittel Bsmittel 16,161 301,458 16,230 303,557 69 2,099
Bonuses Value
32nd position, 2,046 TA Difference above drop 69 2,099
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
Bsmittel GRIP Penta Kill Penta KillDestroyed 5 players without dying 324
Bsmittel GRIP Bullet BulletAveraged a speed 700kmph+ in a race 249
Bsmittel GRIP Skillz SkillzFinished 1st 6 races in a row 240
Bsmittel Forza Horizon 4 How Hard Could it Be? How Hard Could it Be?Earn 21 stars on ''The Top Gear Horizon Special''. 123
Bsmittel GRIP Quad Kill Quad KillDestroyed 4 players without dying 101
Bsmittel GRIP Vehicular homicide Vehicular homicideDestroyed 50 opponents 86
Bsmittel Forza Horizon 4 Snorkels Not Needed Snorkels Not NeededEarn 3 stars on the first chapter of ''The Top Gear Horizon Special''. 82
Bsmittel GRIP Serpent's kiss Serpent's kissYou hit only cars with every Hydra missile 81
Bsmittel Dead Rising 4 Hunting Grounds Hunting GroundsDiscover every Location of Interest 74
Bsmittel Dead Cells Never fallen Never fallenFinish the game with "Ygdar Orus Li Ox" in your possesion! 61

Bsmittel767,836 (462,555)USA

Bsmittel has won 16,390 Achievements and 117 Challenges in 1135 games and 15 apps

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Bsmittel Activity Feed

Bsmittel won 22 Achievements in GRIP for 1911 points
BsmittelGRIPSerpent's kiss achievementBsmittel won the Serpent's kiss achievement in GRIP for 106 points
BsmittelGRIPDuck hunt achievementBsmittel won the Duck hunt achievement in GRIP for 18 points
BsmittelGRIPDriller killer achievementBsmittel won the Driller killer achievement in GRIP for 41 points
BsmittelGRIPTwisted achievementBsmittel won the Twisted achievement in GRIP for 32 points
BsmittelGRIPBullet achievementBsmittel won the Bullet achievement in GRIP for 274 points
BsmittelGRIPGRIP Rookie achievementBsmittel won the GRIP Rookie achievement in GRIP for 42 points
BsmittelGRIPDeath from above achievementBsmittel won the Death from above achievement in GRIP for 19 points
BsmittelGRIPUnderdog achievementBsmittel won the Underdog achievement in GRIP for 66 points
BsmittelGRIPSkillz achievementBsmittel won the Skillz achievement in GRIP for 340 points
BsmittelGRIPSkill or luck? achievementBsmittel won the Skill or luck? achievement in GRIP for 56 points
BsmittelGRIPYou did a thing achievementBsmittel won the You did a thing achievement in GRIP for 11 points
BsmittelGRIPEndurance achievementBsmittel won the Endurance achievement in GRIP for 43 points
BsmittelGRIPPenta Kill achievementBsmittel won the Penta Kill achievement in GRIP for 424 points
BsmittelGRIPDemolition man achievementBsmittel won the Demolition man achievement in GRIP for 17 points
BsmittelGRIPQuad Kill achievementBsmittel won the Quad Kill achievement in GRIP for 141 points
BsmittelGRIPTriple Kill achievementBsmittel won the Triple Kill achievement in GRIP for 65 points
BsmittelGRIPDouble Kill achievementBsmittel won the Double Kill achievement in GRIP for 30 points
BsmittelForza Horizon 4
Bsmittel won 2 Achievements in Forza Horizon 4 for 250 points
BsmittelSuper Box Land DemakeBsmittel completed the game Super Box Land Demake and is the 690th gamer on the site to complete it
BsmittelDead Cells
            Secret AchievementBsmittel won the Secret Achievement in Dead Cells for 91 points
BsmittelOne Night StandBsmittel completed the game One Night Stand and is the 606th gamer on the site to complete it
BsmittelOne Night Stand
Bsmittel won 24 Achievements in One Night Stand for 1145 points
BsmittelOne Night StandBsmittel started the game One Night Stand
BsmittelDead Rising 4
Bsmittel won 2 Achievements in Dead Rising 4 for 127 points
BsmittelDead Rising 4
Bsmittel won 2 Achievements in Dead Rising 4 for 163 points