Start Current Period
Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
Headshotz Inc Headshotz Inc 7,963 125,552 8,007 127,196 44 1,643
FOKENWOLFEN FOKENWOLFEN 6,006 104,878 6,018 105,706 12 828
BadTriangle BadTriangle 16,393 289,509 16,395 289,589 2 80
Bonuses Value
Eliminated in 285th position, 272 TA Difference below safety 58 2,552
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
FOKENWOLFEN Big Crown: Showdown Fashionista FashionistaPurchase all of the hats 522
Headshotz Inc GRID 2 You rOCDed! You rOCDed!You finished first in every career event, during season play and/or via the timeline. 267
FOKENWOLFEN Big Crown: Showdown Repo-man Repo-manKnock 1000 objects off the track 228
Headshotz Inc Battlefield 1 Enough for a library Enough for a libraryCollect all Field Manuals in the campaign 188
Headshotz Inc GRID 2 The World's Greatest The World's GreatestCongratulations, you have become the ultimate WSR champion. What an investment! 114
Headshotz Inc GRID 2 California Dreaming California DreamingYou completed California Big Sur in under 3 minutes. 98
Headshotz Inc GRID 2 Master Racer Master RacerYou won a career event on the hardest difficulty without using Flashbacks. 86
Headshotz Inc MONOPOLY Deal Business master Business masterUse a “Double The Rent” card on the full dark blue set with a house and hotel. 79
BadTriangle Ryse: Son of Rome Simply The Best Simply The BestAchieve Rank 100 In Multiplayer 74
Headshotz Inc GRID 2 Tokyo Drift Tokyo DriftYou scored 350,000 drift points in Okutama in a Mazda RX-7 TYPE RZ or a NISMO R34T-R Z-TUNE. 71