Team PelamotsTeam Pelamots

Start Current Period
Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
Pelamots Pelamots 7,291 130,699 7,319 131,600 28 902
Swyer87 Swyer87 12,959 266,095 12,969 266,623 10 528
WoodsMonk WoodsMonk 11,540 178,716 11,554 178,995 14 280
Bonuses Value
193rd position, 401 TA Difference above drop 52 1,709
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
Swyer87 Crackdown 3: Campaign Frequent Flyer Frequent FlyerAccumulate 30 minutes of flight time using the Wingsuit with a single Agent. 178
Swyer87 Ashes Cricket On the Line! On the Line!You completed five matches online. 87
WoodsMonk Dead by Daylight The man behind the bush The man behind the bushIn public matches, with The Shape, stalk for a total of 100 power tier increase. 79
Swyer87 Crackdown 3: Campaign Corporate Raider Corporate RaiderTerminate Elizabeth Niemand in a game world always set at Legendary difficulty. 75
Pelamots Yoku's Island Express Perfectionist PerfectionistActivate all Scarabs 69
WoodsMonk Borderlands 2 Painbow Connection Painbow ConnectionEquipped effervescent-quality gear in all slots (except class mod). 68
Swyer87 Crackdown 3: Campaign The Ringer The RingerDrive through every Stunt Ring in New Providence with a single Agent. 67
Pelamots Yoku's Island Express The End The EndHatch the God Egg 57
Pelamots Yoku's Island Express WickerKing WickerKingCollect all Wickerlings 57
Pelamots Yoku's Island Express Moneybags MoneybagsGet the biggest wallet 52

Team Pelamots Activity Feed

Swyer87Crackdown 3: Campaign
Swyer87 won 2 Achievements in Crackdown 3: Campaign for 300 points
WoodsMonkBorderlands 3
WoodsMonk won 3 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 31 points
WoodsMonkBorderlands 3WoodsMonk started the game Borderlands 3
PelamotsYoku's Island ExpressPelamots completed the game Yoku's Island Express and is the 875th gamer on the site to complete it
PelamotsYoku's Island Express
Pelamots won 2 Achievements in Yoku's Island Express for 175 points
PelamotsYoku's Island Express
Pelamots won 2 Achievements in Yoku's Island Express for 174 points
PelamotsGrow UpPelamots completed the game Grow Up and is the 3,243rd gamer on the site to complete it
PelamotsGrow Up
Pelamots won 2 Achievements in Grow Up for 560 points