Is This Team Jim's Infamous Ballad of Intoxicated Shredded Robots & Icefire? Is This Just Fantasy?Is This Team Jim's Infamous Ballad of Intoxicated Shredded Robots & Icefire? Is This Just Fantasy?

Period ends: 5 days 06 hrs 21 mins 27 secs
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Gamer TA Difference TA Difference TA Difference
Infamous Infamous 14,442 850,027 14,465 854,965 23 4,939
inToX Shredz inToX Shredz 17,053 573,826 17,058 575,394 5 1,568
Icefiretn Icefiretn 14,978 391,987 14,978 391,995 0 8
JimbotUK JimbotUK 26,444 881,352 26,446 881,303 2 -49
Bonuses Value
10th position, 4,937 TA Difference above drop 30 6,465
Best Achievements This Period TA Difference
Infamous REUS Genesis Titan Genesis TitanComplete all projects & developments. 1,347
inToX Shredz Demon's Tilt Billionaire's Club Billionaire's ClubBroke a billion points. 696
inToX Shredz Demon's Tilt WIZARD MODE WIZARD MODEAll Ritual Words spelled. 665
Infamous REUS Castle CastleHave humans complete a Castle Project. 326
Infamous REUS Factory FactoryHave humans complete a Factory Project. 316
Infamous REUS Island Town Island TownHave humans complete a Island Town Project. 307
Infamous REUS Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!Complete eighteen level 3 developments. 298
Infamous REUS Multinational MultinationalHave humans complete a Multinational Project. 298
Infamous REUS Opera OperaHave humans complete a Opera Project. 298
Infamous REUS Monument MonumentHave humans complete a Monument Project. 291

Is This Team Jim's Infamous Ballad of Intoxicated Shredded Robots & Icefire? Is This Just Fantasy? Activity Feed

InfamousREUSInfamous won 8 Achievements in REUS for 2605 points
InfamousREUSNature Park achievementInfamous won the Nature Park achievement in REUS for 49 points
InfamousREUSGenesis Titan achievementInfamous won the Genesis Titan achievement in REUS for 1447 points
InfamousREUSOpera achievementInfamous won the Opera achievement in REUS for 323 points
InfamousREUSMultinational achievementInfamous won the Multinational achievement in REUS for 323 points
InfamousREUSCircus achievementInfamous won the Circus achievement in REUS for 73 points
InfamousREUSLaboratory achievementInfamous won the Laboratory achievement in REUS for 308 points
InfamousREUSTavern achievementInfamous won the Tavern achievement in REUS for 45 points
InfamousREUSMountain Lodge achievementInfamous won the Mountain Lodge achievement in REUS for 36 points
InfamousREUSInfamous won 10 Achievements in REUS for 2514 points
InfamousREUSMonument achievementInfamous won the Monument achievement in REUS for 316 points
InfamousREUSHospital achievementInfamous won the Hospital achievement in REUS for 308 points
InfamousREUSHistoric Point achievementInfamous won the Historic Point achievement in REUS for 91 points
InfamousREUSCastle achievementInfamous won the Castle achievement in REUS for 351 points
InfamousREUSIsland Town achievementInfamous won the Island Town achievement in REUS for 332 points
InfamousREUSAre we there yet?! achievementInfamous won the Are we there yet?! achievement in REUS for 323 points
InfamousREUSFactory achievementInfamous won the Factory achievement in REUS for 341 points
InfamousREUSInfamous won 8 Achievements in REUS for 483 points
InfamousREUSBlast Furnace achievementInfamous won the Blast Furnace achievement in REUS for 79 points
InfamousREUSHamlet achievementInfamous won the Hamlet achievement in REUS for 64 points
InfamousREUSBarracks achievementInfamous won the Barracks achievement in REUS for 25 points
InfamousREUSSacrifice Altar achievementInfamous won the Sacrifice Altar achievement in REUS for 19 points
InfamousREUSLighthouse achievementInfamous won the Lighthouse achievement in REUS for 93 points
InfamousREUSObservatory achievementInfamous won the Observatory achievement in REUS for 66 points
InfamousREUSBank achievementInfamous won the Bank achievement in REUS for 67 points
InfamousPlanet CoasterInfamous started the game Planet Coaster
InfamousREUSInfamous won 6 Achievements in REUS for 231 points
InfamousREUSLevel 3 achievementInfamous won the Level 3 achievement in REUS for 76 points
InfamousREUSWorkshop achievementInfamous won the Workshop achievement in REUS for 21 points
InfamousREUSApothecary achievementInfamous won the Apothecary achievement in REUS for 71 points
InfamousREUSMad Scientist achievementInfamous won the Mad Scientist achievement in REUS for 20 points
InfamousREUSPlantation achievementInfamous won the Plantation achievement in REUS for 15 points
InfamousCyber ProtocolInfamous won 5 Achievements in Cyber Protocol for 409 points
JimbotUKRocket ArenaJimbotUK won 2 Achievements in Rocket Arena for 120 points
inToX ShredzDemon's TiltinToX Shredz won 19 Achievements in Demon's Tilt for 1614 points
InfamousWarfaceInfamous won 2 Achievements in Warface for 384 points